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annual report groundbreaking ceremony lion tracks winter 2006 

Christ above all 



9n/wM (wou^ all 


Bryan Life | A publi 

folume 32, Number 


k avton, Tennessee 37321- 

President: Stephen D. Livesay | Editor: Tom Davis | Designer: Rachel Evans 
, Bryan College National Alumni Advisory Council President: Steve Stewart, 1985 

° -" "■ '^ 7 'T^ Warren Cole, 2003 
Committee on Elections: Kari Ballentine, 1991; Sharron Padgett, 1987 

a letter from the 

"Do not remove the ancient landmark which 

your fathers have set. " 

Proverbs 22:28 

This past year of celebrating our 
75th anniversary has constantly 
reminded me of Bryan's faith- 
fulness in heeding the scriptur- 
al admonition to not remove 
the ancient landmarks. Bryan 
College continues to send a 
clear message of God's truth 
through all of our teaching 
whether in the classroom, on the ath- 
letic field, in the residence hall, or in 
the community. With much to cele- 
brate, this year has been filled with 
manifestations of our mission of 
educating students as servants of 
Christ to make a difference in their 

of 75th Anniversary Bible 

We began our celebration in the 
fall of 2004 with the publication of 
our 75th Anniversary Bible. What bet- 
ter foundation could any college lay 

than the inspired and inerrant Word 
of God giving us the landmarks to 
shape our lives? This is a special col- 
lector's New American Standard — 
Open Bible Edition with the history 
of Bryan College in text and photos 
( . 

"This year has been filled 
with manifestations of our 



Community Service Day 

Celebrating Martin Luther King's 
birthday in January was of great sig- 
nificance for all of us as the entire 
campus took a day to be involved in 
dozens of community projects. Jesus 
set the standard when He said in 
Matthew 20:28 that He did not come 
to be served, but to serve. 

Launching of the Bryan Center 

Last spring heralded the inaugural 
symposium of the Bryan Center for 
Critical Thought and Practice. The 
Bryan Center brings to campus lead- 

ing national scholars who enable our 
students to think deeply and biblically 
regarding our response to critical cul- 
tural issues. The Center sponsors two 
to four such symposia each year — 
each featuring several visiting scholars 
and one of our own faculty. 

The first symposium focused on 
natural law as it informs the 
Declaration of Independence 
and the Constitution and fea- 
tured Dr. Douglas Kmiec, pro- 
fessor and leading legal consult- 
ant for the White House. The 
Bryan Center provides an 
unparalleled educational opportunity 
for study in the liberal arts from a 
biblical worldview 

Heritage Week 

During Heritage Week, two Bryan 
alumni, Ron, '65, and Lois, '64, 
Zartman exhibited their display of 
first edition books written by John 
Newton, the author of Amazing Grace. 
The college also celebrated the return 
of intercollegiate baseball to Bryan 
with a ceremony naming the baseball 
field in honor of Mark and Rosa 

% page 2) 

Senter, parents of Nick Senter, bene- 
factor of our baseball facilities and 

Fall 2005 

Opening our school year 
this fall, Michael Cromartie, 
vice president for the Ethics 
and Public Policy Center in 
Washington, D.C., reminded 
one of our largest freshman 
classes and returning students 
of "Doing our Duty While 
Living in Exile." The College enrolled 
a record 775 students here in Dayton 
and on our Chattanooga campuses. 

Rev. Dean Ropp, '81, challenged us 
during Spiritual Life Conference to 
remember that our life is but a mist, 
but the life we live and the work we 
do have eternal consequences. 

"Jesus set the standard when 

He said in Matthew 20:28 

that he did not come to be 

served, but to serve." 

of a Biblical Worldview featuring 
Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truths 
and in October, another symposium 
on "The Law and What It Means to 
be Human" with featured speaker 
Gerard Bradley from the 
University of Notre Dame 
Law School. 

Bryan Center Symposia 

In September the Bryan Center 
sponsored a symposium on the topic 

Staley Lecture Series 

Dr. John Woodbridge, 
research professor of church 
history and Christian 
thought at Trinity Evangelical 
Divinity School, delivered five out- 
standing messages during our Staley 

President's Circle 

Huston Fndn. 

Baird Sr. 

California Community Fndn. 

Lifetime Gifts of $1,000,000 + 

Maclellan Fndn, Inc. 

The Calvin Baird Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Cammenga 


The O'Keeffe Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baird, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Thomas Cecil 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Drake 

Weldon F Osborne Fndn. 

Coker Tire Co. 

Center for Sports Medicine 

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin D. Latimer 

Pioneer College Caterers 

Community Foundation for 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman 

Mr. Nick F. Senter 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Probasco III 

Greater Atlanta 

Mr. Ben Ciliberto 

Mr. and Mrs. Holland M. Ware 

Estate of Mrs. Mary P. Ricks 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Davis 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric P. Clarke 

Ms. Katherine M. Simpson 

Mary Stark Davis Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Cline 

Medallion Society 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simpson 

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Clothier 

Annual Gifts of $25,000 + 

SJ Strategic investments 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gilliard 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. 


Mr. and Mrs. G Michael Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T Green 



Mr. David L. Spoede 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hasty, Jr. 

Miss Emily Renee Cook 

Cawood Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Stophel 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Loftin 

Corporate Accounting 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Drake 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Thomas 

Mr. Greg Devon Mast 

Services, Inc. 

George R. Johnson 

Clifton and Clara Ward Fndn. 

Mrs. Alice M. Mercer 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Crawford 

Family Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Morscheck 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall G Darling 

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin D Latimer 

Scarlet & Gold Society 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger W Naugle 

Dayton Rotary Club 

Latimer Charitable Lead 

Annual Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F Decosimo 

Annuity Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Beal 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Schenck 

Joe & Velma DeWitt Fndn. 

Dr. G. Benton Livesay, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Canady 

Miss Marcia G Shein 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dillard 

Estate of Durward W Maynard 

Daytona Heights Baptist Church 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Sierk 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Dorrill 

National Christian Charitable 

Federated Department Stores 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D Stanbrough 

Miss Sarah E. Drake 



Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. David Durant 

Estate of Dr. Joanne S. Rankin 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Graves, Sr. 

Eaton Corp. 

Mr. Nick F Senter 

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett F Griffin 

Patrons Society 

Mr. Peter S. Eggert 

Wright-Bentley Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marble J. Hensley 

Annual Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 

Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Vincent 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen D Iivesay 

Mrs. Ruthanna S. Almond 


W. J. Bryan Society 

Mr. and Mrs. T Ramon Perdue 


Erie Foods International, Inc. 

Annual Gifts of $10,000 - 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Price 


Mr. and Mrs. Don Fehn 


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Keith Rawley 

Dr. John C. Anderson 

First Bank of Tennessee 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Barge 

Mr. and Mrs. James F Sattler 

Bechtel Foundation 

First Baptist Church of 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bice 

Schnabel Co. 

Bells Landing Mule Co. 

Spartanburg, S.C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Brooks 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stahler 

BellSouth Corp. 

First Presbyterian Church of 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carlson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G Visser 

Mr. Bruce F Bendull 

Chattanooga, TN 

Chatlos Foundation, Inc. 

Estate of Mrs. Mary H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Bennett 

Mr. Timothy Andrew Furnanz 

Chattanooga Christian 


Dr. and Mrs. William Donald 

Mr. Paul T Gordon 

Community Fndn. 


Graves Fireplaces, Inc. 

ExxonMobil Fndn. 

Heritage Society 

BP Amoco Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Larry Gray 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Hammond 

Annual Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999 

Brainerd Presbyterian Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray W Griffin, Jr. 

Col. and Mrs. John W Haynes 

Mrs. Lois Ambler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brining 

Mr. and Mrs. David Groves 

Hospitality Lodging 


Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Bruehl 

Ms. Dede Groves 

Associates, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Calvin 

Mr. and Mrs. Leland R. Bryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Groves 

2 Christ above all 

Lecture Series, outlining the history of 
evangelicals and fundamentalists dur- 
ing the last century and focusing on 
the role of Bryan College during the 
past 75 years. His presentations, thor- 
oughly researched, well balanced, and 
keenly perceptive, are a special contri- 
bution to Bryan College on our 75th 

William Jennings Bryan Statue 

Homecoming in October was the 
highlight of our fall semester with 
alumni and friends gathering from 
around the globe to participate in the 

(Continued on page 4) Students participated in 

service projects on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Groves 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Puckett 

Worthington Christian School 

Rev. and Mrs. Paul Barnes 

Mrs. Reita J. Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnett 

Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Harper 

Mr. and Mrs. W L. Reeve 

Bryan College Society 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D Barr 

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan G. Harris 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Richardson 

Annual gifts of $25 - $999 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Barrett 

Mr. Reid M. Henson 

Miss Jessica Anne Righter 

Col. and Mrs. Carl M. Abel 

Mr. Henry E. Barrios 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hitchcock 

Dr. and Mrs. Arliss L. Roaden 

Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving R. Barth 

Miss Jane Ellen Hodges 

Dr. Charles H. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Deni Albrecht 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Barth 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill W Hollin 

Russell Corp. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Albright 

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Bartlett 

Mrs. Ruth W Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ryder 

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Alewine 

Mr. and Mrs. Dow S. Barton 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hunt 

Mr. and Mrs. David W Seera 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. John Bartus 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Senter 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. James Rodney Bass 

Miss Reva M. Jenkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Senter III 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anderson 

Mr. Jim Bass 

Rev and Mrs. Allen B. Jewett 

Mrs. Barbara C. Sewall 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Anderson 

Mr. Stephen G Bass 

Miss Elizabeth Johnson 

Mrs. Mimi R. Simmons 

Mr. John D Anderson 

Dr. Beatrice Batson 


Mr. and Mrs. Durwood S. Snead 

Dr. and Mrs. Karl Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beane 

Landes Investments, Inc. 

Southeast Tenn. Development 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Anderson 


Mr. and Mrs. Brett L. Landes 


Dr. and Mrs. Robert D Andrews 

Miss S. Elizabeth Beaty 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. 

Southern Champion Tray Co. 


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bedford 


Dr. and Mrs. Robert W Spoede 

Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Antanaitis 

Mr. and Mrs. John F Beeler 

Macatawa Engineering Corp. 

Sprint Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Archer 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Bell 

Dr. and Mrs. Bill MacGuire 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Stoltzfus 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ardelean 

Rev. and Mrs. Randall N Bell 

Dr. Ha Ruth Mahr 

Mrs. Helen Stout 

Mrs. Ardis B. Armstrong 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Bell 

Mrs. Margie Mann 

SunTrust Atlanta Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Urban M. Bellrose 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marsteller 

Mr. Ray N.Taylor 

Mrs. Georgie L. Aschenbach 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Bengtson 

Drs. L. Jake & Sandy Matthes 

The First Baptist Academy First 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Ashworth 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T Bennett 

Mr. David W Maynard 

Baptist Church of 

Mr. and Mrs. David T Austin 

Drs. Blair and Louise Bentley 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn McClain, Jr. 

Orlando, FL 

Mrs. Helen P. Austin 

Berean Christian School 

Mr. Austin McDonald 

Miss Deborah Thrasher 

Auto Battery & Ignition Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Berger 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Meissner 

Tradelink, Inc. 

Ayala's Mexican Restaurant 

Mrs. Wilma Berger 

Mr. David M. Mercer 

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Traylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bailey 

Miss Gladys Best 

Microsoft Corp. 

UnumProvident Corp. 

Bain & Holden Tire Co., Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Best 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Naff 

Mr. Jacques Van Stratum 

Dr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Baker 

Ms. Tricia Betthauser 

North Raleigh Christian Academy 

Mr. Jeremy Lee Vineyard 

Mr. Thomas R. Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Beuttler 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Nyberg, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. George B. Vogel 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Balko 

Biereley Hale Funeral Home, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Olbon 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ballard 

Miss Dorothy C. Bigham 

Rev and Mrs. Howard D Park 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Barber 

Mrs. Dorothy R. Billey 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Perkins 


Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert E. 

BI-LO, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Pettus, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. White 

Barinowski III 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Birlew 

Pharmacia & Upjohn Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Barry Whitney Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Barkman 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D Bishop 

Mrs. Rosemary D Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. D Jay Wolgemuth 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Barlow 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Black 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard D Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman W Wolter 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Barlow 

Miss Jean A. Blaha 
Ms. Cheryl Ann Blake 

Prudential Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G Woods 

Miss Ellen L. Barnes 

Bryan Life 3 

Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truth, 
addressed Biblical worldview issues at a 
Center symposium in September. 

unveiling of our new statue of 
William Jennings Bryan on the Rhea 
County Courthouse lawn. Artist and 
sculptor Cessna Decosimo has creat- 
ed a unique life-size statue of Mr. 
Bryan depicting him during the years 
he first campaigned for the 
Presidency in his mid-thirties. 

Other Homecoming Events 

During Homecoming, we dedi- 
cated the new Rankin Center for 
Communication Studies building, our 
new cross-country team hosted the 
Bryan Invitational, and the college 
inducted national champion coach 

Jake Matthes into the Hall of Fame. 

Hurricane Katrina Relief Project 

This fall, when word came of the 
need presented by Hurricane 
Katrina, nearly 100 of our faculty, 
staff, and students responded to 
serve the needy with the love of 

Our students continue to stay in 
contact with those to whom they 
ministered; several have found new 
life in Jesus Christ, and others have 
been freed from destructive lifestyles. 
One family has been relocated here 
(Continued on page 6) 

Mr. Jonathan E. Blalock 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D Bryan 

Christian Home Schoolers Hybrid 

Crawford Baptist Churchof 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Blohm 

Mrs. Ruth M. Bryan 

School, Inc. 

Phenix City, AL 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bodden 

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Bryan 

Rev and Mrs. Roy J Clark 

Crescent, Inc. 

Mr. Douglas F. Bodlien 

Mrs. Mary G Bryson 

Mr. and Mrs. David Classen 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Crooks 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Buck 

Rev Janet L. Claycomb 

Mr. and Mrs. J Wayne Cropp 


Rev and Mrs. John E. Buck 

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Cleaveland 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Cropp 

Mrs. Constance Boeddeker 

Miss Wanda L. Burcham 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Greg Crosby 

Dr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Boldt 

Mrs. Martha B. Burkett 


Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Culp 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Bole 

Miss Hazel Y Burruss 

Clover Hill Baptist Church of 

Cumberland Guardrail, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bollant 

Mr. Daniel O. Butler 

Chesterfield, VA 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cunningham 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bollant 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Cochran 


Mr. and Mrs. William Bollant 


Dr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Cochrane 

Mr. and Mrs. Rocky DaCosta 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bollinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Buttram 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Coker 

Miss Susan Marie Daigle 

Miss Rachel Bollman 

C & J Maintenance & Repair 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Cole 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dailey 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leroy Bonde 

Caldwell Academy 

Mr. and Mrs. W Kenneth Cole 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T Dale 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Bonnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 

Mr. Warren G Cole 

Dallas Bay Baptist Church 

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Booth 

Caldwell, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D Combs 

Ms. Roxane E. Darby 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bostrom 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Camp 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Combs 

Rev and Mrs. Albert C 

Mr. J. Mark Bowers 

Mr. Robert E. Campbell 

Community Fndn. of 

Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don W Bowman 

Ms. Valerie Cannon 

Greater Chattanooga 

Rev and Mrs. Ronald M. Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Boynton 

Ms. Sylvia Capps 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Conner 

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bradbury 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Caraway 

Mrs. Tennga S. Conner 

Dr. and Mrs. F Mark Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. 

Miss Anna Marie Carmean 

Rev and Mrs. Robert Conrad 

Rev and Mrs. Jerry Day, Sr.. 


Mr. and Mrs. Dale Carnes 

Rev and Mrs. Frank B. Cook 

Dayton Christian Schools, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bradshaw 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carpenter, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh I. Coombs 

Mr. Edward D de Rosset 

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Branan 

Miss Laura Cather 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cooper 

Rev and Mrs. Edward M. de 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Branson 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cather 

Mr. James M. Cooper II 


Brayton Fndn. 

Mr. Richard Chan 

Rev and Mrs. John D Corcoran 

Drs. Fred and Carol de Rosset 

Rev. and Mrs. Michael Breeden 

Chapel Hill Bible Church 

Mrs. Beverly Fortune Corley 

Dr. Rosalie A. de Rosset 

Miss Krista M. Breuninger 

Chapel of the Lake of Lake Saint 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cornelius 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. DeArman 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn Brewster 

Louis, MO 

Corner Market 

Miss Priscilla Dearwechter 

Mrs. Martha M. Brickel 

Rev and Mrs. Gary F. Cheon 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. 

Miss Celia Dixon 

Mrs. Tracey Bridwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R. 


Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dixon 

Mrs. Edith S. Brill 


Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Coulter 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dodson 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W Britt 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. 

Covenant Day School 

Donald B. Schreifels Clu and 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Brott 


Mr. G Eugene Cowden, Sr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Otis Brown 

Mrs. Martha G Chisolm 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Ryland L. Donald 

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Brown 

Chris Williams Insurance 

Mrs. Shirley Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donathen 

Broyles Wood Products 

Christ Church at Grove Farm 

Mr. Lee A. Crabtree 

Dr. and Mrs. C. Fred Donehoo 

Lt. and Mrs. David C. Bruner 

Christian Family Chapel of 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Craig 

Mrs. Debora M. Donovan 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bruner 

of Jacksonville, FL 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Craig 

Mr. and Mrs. Iioyd Dow 

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian B. Bryan 

Christian Heritage School 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry S. Cravens 

Ms. Joanna K. Drazkowski 

4 Christ above all 

Bryan enrolled a record 775 students this year, making this year's orientation festivities as exciting as ever. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Dugan, Jr. 

First Baptist Church of 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Garlow 

Mr. Kenwood A. Hanson 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Duncan 

Hixson, TN 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geib 

Ms. Erin Grey Hardin 

Mr. and Mrs. William V Dunn 

First Baptist Church of 

Miss Hazel N. Geiger 

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Harries 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Durham 

Durham, NC 

General Motors Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. DuRoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. George 

Rev. and Mrs. James W Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Duvall 

Mr. Robert E. Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Giles 

Ms. Patti C. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dye, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Gilman 

Mrs. Sue R Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Archie R. Dykes 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Arnold Fitzgerald 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo R. Gingrich 

Mrs. Wilma Harrow 

Rev: and Mrs. Frank J. Ebel, Jr. 

Mr. James Fitzgerald 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Giuseffi 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hart 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eckerly 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Fleet 

Mrs. Ethel C. Goatley 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Harthan 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. 

Florida Bible Church 

Dr. and Mrs. Joel D Gonce 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Hartschuh 


Mr. and Mrs. James T. Flythe 

Rev. and Mrs. Highland G 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin E. Hartzell 

Miss L. Michelle Edwards 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W Folden 

Goodman III 

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Haupert 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew I. Eggert 

Ford Motor Company Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Gordon 

Mr. Robert W Hawk 

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Egner 

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Forsten 

Gospel Witness Associates, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ian M. Hay 

Mrs. Barbara Eichelberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Fortenberry 

Grace Christian School 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hayes III 

Mr. and Mrs. James Eisentrager 

Mrs. Leslie S. Fortier 

Mrs. Sally Graf 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F Hays 

Ms. Dorothy C. Eller 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Fortune 

Miss Melissa D Grauman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hays, Jr. 


Dr. and Mrs. David M. Fouts 

Mrs. Pat R Gravett 

Mrs. Faith Heitzer 

Mr. Matthew V Ellis 

Hon. and Mrs. David E. Fowler 

Mr. and Mrs. Stefon A. Gray 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Held 

Mr. and Mrs. W F Emerson 

Mrs. Jane B. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Green 

Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Helgemo 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Emmons 

Miss Laura L. Foxworth 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D Green 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hellams 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Enger 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Franjione 

Mr. and Mrs. Maxie F Green 

Miss Iinda J. Helm 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Epp 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. John Greenawald 

Miss Nancy Helmick 

Miss Paula Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Franklin 

Green's Construction 

Mrs. Anna Hemberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Everett 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G Frantz 

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Greenstreet 

Rev. Samuel T Hemberger 

Express Market 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Frazier 

Mr. Darin L. Gregg 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hendrix 

Faircreek Church of Fairborn, OH 

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie E. Frazier 

Miss Betty J. Greider 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. 

Faith Christian School 

Fredericksburg Christian School 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G Grosser 


Mr. and Mrs. Rick L. Farney 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Freeland 

Mr. Edward Lee Gruber 

Mrs. Alice E. Henry 

Mr. Robert Lee Farney 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Fritts 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guerra 

Rev. and Mrs. Malcolm W 

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm I. Fary 

Rev. and Mrs. C. Lamar Frizzell 

Mrs. Ruth Joy Gulley 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fawcett 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Froemke 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W Gum 

Mr. and Mrs. William D Herrell 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D Fehl 

Mr. Allen Frook 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gupton 

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W Hess 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Feldmann 

Mrs. Julia R. Fulmer 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton G Hackett 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hickman 

Feldmann's, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D Haga 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Hicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ferguson 


Mr. and Mrs. Donald G Hagan 

Ms. Karen Hicks 

Dr. Edward W Fickley 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Gaard 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hallquist 

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Filter 

Mrs. Margret C. Gage 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. 

Mr. Jack Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. John Fine 

Mrs. Jean N. Gale 


Miss Kimberlie D Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fiori, Jr. 

Gannett Ministries 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Glenn T. Hanbey 

Mr. and Mrs. W Terry Hill 

Mr. Wyman S. Firebaugh 

Garlow Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G Hanna 

Miss Anna Ruth Hille 

Bryan Life 5 

Building continues on the Bryan College campus. In addition to the new S enter Yield for 
baseball, the college completed a new Rankin Communication Studies Center and recently 
broke ground for a new residence hall 

to Dayton with our students and staff 
continuing to assist in the rebuilding 
of these precious lives. 

New Residence Hall 

To accommodate our growing stu- 
dent residential population, the col- 
lege held a groundbreaking ceremony 
Nov. 30 for North Hall, a 120-bed 
residence hall for women located 
between Arnold Hall and Summers 
Gymnasium. Students, trustees, facul- 
ty, staff, and elected officials all partic- 
ipated in the ceremony highlighted by 
the Chorale singing Dr. John Bartlett's 

Mrs. Berdine Hirschy 

Mr. Harold Jennings 

Ms. Karen Kreul 

Mrs. Jean F list 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W Hirschy 

Mrs. Charlotte C. Jensen 

Mrs. Gayle Kroeger 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Little 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Hobbs, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Jepson 

Mr. Karl A. Laegeler 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. little 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hobbs 

Rev. and Mrs. Jimmy Jewell 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Lam 

Mr. Timothy Livesay 

Rev. and Mrs. Melvin C. Hobson 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Lane 

Livingston limestone Co., Inc. 

Miss Dawn M. Hoffman 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan F. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Lapsley 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell Llewellyn 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Hogue 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Johnson 

Larry Sneed Apartments 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Lohse 

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Holden 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson 

Rev. David M. Larson 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Long 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Holktz 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson 

Miss J. Louise Lason 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. 

Dr. and Mrs. Randall 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Johnson 

Pastor and Mrs. John D 



Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Johnson 


Mr. and Mrs. Miles Nelson 

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Holton 

Mr. and Mrs. L. D.Johnson, Jr. 

Lawton Christian 


Mr. Brian Hoover 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson 

Secondary School 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Thomas Lowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Hopkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Shelby R. Johnson 

Mr. A. Tredway Layne 

Ms. Judy Lowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Hoppers 

Mrs. Barbara W Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Layne 

Mr. Robert Ray Lucas 

Ms. Emily W Home 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Lundeen II 

Rev. and Mrs. Robert M. Home 

Dr. and Mrs. John T Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Lee 

Drs. David and Sigrid Luther 

Mr. and Mrs. David Hough 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Jones 

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest W Lee 

Lynn Haven United 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D Jones 

Mr. Kye K Lee 

Methodist Church 

Houser III 

Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Jones, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Legg 

Mr. and Mrs. Milo A. Macko II 

Mrs. Joan E. Houskamp 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Jordan 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lehnhart 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. MacLean 

Houston Christian High School 

Dr. Ruth M. Kantzer 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lenz 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. MacNab 

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren W Hoyt 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W Karr 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T Leonard III 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. MacNeill 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hoyt 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Kaufman 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. LeRiche 

Madison Bible Church, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Hubbard 

Miss Laura M. Kaufmann 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Lester 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Main 

Huffaker & Trimble 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W Kays 

Mrs. Dorothy A. Lestmann 

Dr. and Mrs. John D Main 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Huffaker III 

Kayser-Roth Corp. 

Miss Kati E. Lestmann 

Miss JohnnaJeanette Main 

Mr. and Mrs. D Scott Hunt 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard C Kee 

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Lestmann 

Rev. Robert A. Mains 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W Hurley 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Keefer 

Rev. and Mrs. Albert J. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mann 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V Hursey 

Mr. Donnie Kelley 

Levengood, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Marcy 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huston 

Mrs. Ruth Kerr 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Levengood 

Mark Hisle, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Dwain C. Illman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kik 

Miss Miriam E. Levengood 

Rev and Mrs. Kenneth R. Marken 

Immanuel Baptist Church of 

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Kimmel 

Lewis Joint Revocable Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Marler, Jr. 

New Hartford, NY 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilbert King 

Ms. Adele Ray Lewis 

Mr. Hurley Marsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Irwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman H. Kinzie 

Mr. and Mrs. Adib H. Liddawi 

Mrs. Jane Marston 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey A. Jackson 

Rev. and Mrs. Charles C. Kirtley 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester S. Iide 

Dr. and Mrs. John G Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T Jackson 

Rev. and Mrs. James L. Kirtley 

Miss Lucy J. Iieb 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Martin 

Ms. Rosa Lee Jackson 

Mrs. Darlene V Klose 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Iiebig 

Mrs. Mary "Pug" Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Jahncke 

Miss Eunice R. Knouse 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Iindler 

Mrs. Phyllis Masters 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer C Jamison 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kordus 

Ms. Donna J. Lindsey 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mathers 

Mr. Calvin Jaynes 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kreiling, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Linebaugh 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold W Matthews 

O Christ above all 

hymn, Christ Above All. Scheduled 
completion for North Hall is August 
of 2006. 

hearts and lives of our students, fac- 
ulty, staff, and alumni. 

We are most thankful for the 

An Enduring 

Landmark — 

an Exciting 


With the next 75-year chapter in 
Bryan's history off to a great start 
with a record enrollment and new 

facilities, may we place 
our confidence in 
God's faithfulness that 
the best days for 

be assured of God's faithfulness to us." Br yan are yet to come 


Bryan's enduring landmarks, we can 

As we seek to 
remain faithful to 

Bryan's enduring landmarks, we can 
be assured of God's faithfulness to 
us. Our mission must remain constant 
and our motto of Christ Above All 
must remain an ever-present truth as 
we strive to live it out each day in the 

financial donors listed in this annual 
edition as well as to the countless oth- 
ers throughout our history who have 
faithfully contributed in a multitude 
of ways to help make Bryan College 
what it is today. 

Stephen D. Livesay 

Miss Audrey F. Mayer 

Miller s Tire & Auto Service 

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny L. O Hail 

Ms. Janet C. Pierce 

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph E. Maynard 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. O'Hare 

Mr. and Mrs. John D Pierce 

Maytag Corp. Fndn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oldman 

Pinnacle Financial 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. McAlister 

Mr. and Mrs. Motohiko Mizuguchi 

Mr. Timothy J. Opelt 

Mr. Scott L. Pinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McBride 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lamar Modert 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ours 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pipe 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McCain 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. 

Rev. and Mrs. Clinton Padgett 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Plank 

Rev and Mrs. Charles H. 


Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Padgett 

Pleasant View Bible Church of 


Dr. Lynda M. Moore 

Mr. Stephen D Padgett 

Warsaw, IN 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. McClain 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pagan 

Mr. Vadim N Pokhlebkin 

Mr. and Mrs. Giles G. McCoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eugene 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Christian McCready 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan 

Miss Catherine Painter 


Mr. and Mrs. M. F. McDavid 

Mr. James A. Morring 

Mrs. Marilyn Palmer 

Mrs. Clara R. Poore 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. McGhee 

Mr. and Mrs. Byron M. Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C Panililio 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Posey 

Mr. Timothy T.G McGhee 

Rev. and Mrs. Samuel (Jack) C 

Park of the Palms Church, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Potter 

Mrs. Barbara E. Mcintosh 


Mr. and Mrs. Don Patchen 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Powell 

Ms. Karri J. Mclntyre 

Miss Mildred Mosby 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Powers 

Mr. and Mrs. James W McKenzie 

Mr. James E. Mowery 

Dr. and Mrs. William W Paul 

Miss Bonnie J. Pratt 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. 

Mrs. Margaret D Mowrey 

Rev. and Mrs. Bruce L. Pauley 

Presbyterian Church in America 


Mr. and Mrs. Bert C Mullins 

Dr. Laura M. Payne 


Rev and Mrs. Daniel V McMillan 

Mr. Corey Mullins 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Peach 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Preston 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F McMillan 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Mullins 

Dr. and Mrs. Joel E. Pearman 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G Prettyman 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. McMurran 

Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe M. Mulvey, Jr. 

Miss Nell Pearson 

Mrs. Carrie Frances H. Price 

Mr. and Mrs. David McSpadden 

Ms. Etta Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. C Scott Pendergrass 

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mears 

Ms. Iinda R. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. James F Penney 

Prince Avenue Christian School 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Mellon 

Mr. and Mrs. David C Nace 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe W Peppers 

Pro Mufflers & Brakes 

Mr. Rick L. Mellon 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Naff 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Perseghetti 

Providence Christian Academy 

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Melton 

Mrs. Delia H. Napier 

Personal Dynamics 

Rev. and Mrs. L. C. Pruehsner 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Melton 

Rev. Leslie S. Napier 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Petersen 

Miss Jean M. Pulkin 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Meredith 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Neal 

Maj. and Mrs. Marshall H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe W Purser 

Ms. Nancy C. Merritt 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G Neddo 


Ms. Mary Anne Purser 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Merritt 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F Neddo 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peterson 

Mrs. Helen D Puryear 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Meulemans 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Newberry 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D Petitte 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Pyfrom 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc J. Meznar 

Miss Kay E. Newhouse 

Philips Electronics N 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Pyle 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Meznar 

Mrs. Dorothy Nicely 

American Corp. 

Mr. and Mrs. W S. Quarles 

Michael D Crowell, D.D.S., M.S. 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Nies 

Dr. and Mrs. W Gary Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ragan 

Michael Erkel & Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Norquist 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles W Phillips, Jr. 

Rainbow Forest Baptist Church 

Rev and Mrs. John W Miesel 

Mr. and Mrs. James D Norquist 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W Phillips 

Miss Rebecca J. Ramsey 

Miss Elizabeth A. Miller 

North Georgia Chiropractic 

Ms. Patricia A. Phillips 

Rev. and Mrs. John A. Rathbun 

Mrs. Grace Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Noss 

Mr. W G Phillips 

Miss Pearl M. Rathbun 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Miller 

Mrs. Iillie B. Nothnagel 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Phillipson 

Mrs. Rosemary Raulston 

Rev. and Mrs. Robert WC Miller 

Mr. Philip G Oehler 

Mr. Erik Carl Phillipson 

Mr. Donald C Ray 

Bryan Life *7 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Read 

Mr Robert H. Schumacher 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Stuart 

Rev and Mrs. Donald L. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Derek Ream 

Mr and Mrs. Errol Scogin 

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Studebaker 

Mr and Mrs. Raymond B. Walker 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Reed 

Scott Sales, LLC 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Roger Walkwite 

Dr. and Mrs. John W Reed 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Scott 

Summit Ministries 

Mr and Mrs. George RWalrod 

Mr. and Mrs. William Reed 

Mr and Mrs. R Grant Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. G P Swafford 

Mrs. Arlene M. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Reese 

Mr and Mrs. Henry L Shafer 

Mr. and Mrs. Hershall Swafford 

Mr and Mrs. Tod A Walters 

Cmdr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Reese 

Mrs. Ruth E Shaffer 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Swafford 

Ms. Kelly M.Warnke 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Reeser 

Mr and Mrs. John Shalanko 

Mrs. Bemice L. Swanson 

Mr and Mrs. David S. Watson 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Remington 

Mr and Mrs. Vem Sheffer 

Mr. and Mrs. David Swanson 

Mr and Mrs. Foy W Watson IE 

Ms. M. Willene Reynolds 

Mrs. Ruth D Sherman 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Taylor 

Wayne Hills Baptist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W Rhodes 

Sherwin-Williams Fndn. 

Rev and Mrs. Roger E. Taylor 

Mrs. Mary Ann Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Rhodes, Jr. 

Ms. Florence H. Sherwood 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Taylor 

Mr and Mrs. Tim F.Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay I. Richards 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel D Sheyda 

Dr and Mrs. Thomas V Taylor 

Mr and Mrs. Hobert C. Welch, Jr 

Mss Deborah G Richardson 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel W Shotts 

Ms. Jennifer L. Terry 

Mr and Mrs. Mchael S. Weller 

Mrs. Lois F. Richardson 

Mrs. Elsie Sidback 

The Good Shepherd Academy 

Dr. and Mrs. John G Wells 

Dr. Ernie G Ricketts, Jr. 

Silverdale Baptist Academy 

The Henry Church 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald D Wenger 

Ms. Paulakay F. Ricketts 

Mr and Mrs. Paul E. Simms 

Scholarship Fndn. 

Mr and Mrs. J. A. West 

Dr. and Mrs. Travis H. Ricketts 

Mr and Mrs. Roger Simon 

The Karin' Touch Massage Therapy, 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas R Weygandt 

Mss Jane Ridder 

Mr Wayne R Simon 


Mss Lois Weyhe 

Ridgedale Baptist Child Development 

Mss Ashley C. Siskey 

The Plant Place 

Dr. and Mrs. David R Wharton 


Mr and Mrs. William P Sjoblom 

Dr and Mrs. Sterling Theobald 

White Realty & Service Corp. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Riley 

Mr and Mrs. John Slaten 


Mss Alice C White 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Riley 

Maj. and Mrs. Douglas B. Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A Thomas 

Drs. Calvin and Deborah White 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Ring 

Mr and Mrs. Francis Sloat 

Ms. Elizabeth Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas B. White 

Rev. and Mrs. C Dean Risser 

Mr and Mrs. Danny C. Smith 

Mss JoAnna B. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey L. White 

Mrs. Betty Sue Robbins 

Mr and Mrs. Evan A. Smith 

Ms. Alice Thomte 

Mss Pamela M. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark G Robbins 

Rev and Mrs. George F Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Thorp 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Mark White 

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Roberson, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. Gordon B. Smith 

Mr. Jason M Thorp 

Whitetail Plumbing, Inc. 

Mr. Dale E. Roberson 

Mr and Mrs. Gordon Lee Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. PaulWTimblin 

Mss Evelyn Whitlow 

Mrs. Darlene Roberts 

Mr and Mrs. Gregory C Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. William Tingley 

Mr and Mrs. Roger A. Whitworth 

Mr. David L. Robinson 

Mr and Mrs. Jerome D Smith 

Mr. John W Tinker 

Mr Herbert J. Whorley 

Rochester LEAH 

Ms. Kathlene D Smith 

Mrs. Levona Tipps 

Mr and Mrs. Melvin D Wick 

Rock Springs Church 

Mr and Mrs. Lon E. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Toliver, Jr 

Rev Jim A. Wiggins 

Rev and Mrs. Ryland F Rock, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Lowell A. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W Trail 

Mrs. Miriam Wiggins 

Rocky Bayou Baptist Church 

Mrs. Merrily A. Smith 

Travis & Taxes 

Mr and Mrs. Carlos Wilkey 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Terryl Roddy 

Lt CoL and Mrs. Rodney E. Smith 

Mrs. Gladys L. Traylor 

Mr Garland Wilkey 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R Roden 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald John Smith 

Rev and Mrs. J. Ward Tressler 

Ms. Brenda (Dottie) Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Roes 

Mr and Mrs. Scott G Smith 

Tri County Baptist Church of 

Rev and Mrs. David C. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L Rogers 

Ms. Stacy W Smith 

Summerfield, FL 

Mrs. Eleanor Raye Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. F E. Rolston 

Dr. and Mrs. Steven P Smith 

Trinity Baptist Church of 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roodzant 

Mr Taylor Harris Smith 

Wheat Ridge, CO 

Rev and Mrs. Roy A. Williamson 

Rev and Mrs. Dean M. Ropp 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas W Smith, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David C Tromanhauser 

Mrs. Mary P WilHngham 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Rosenbaum 

Dr. and Mrs. Talivaldis I. Smits 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tumlin 

Mr and Mrs. Bruce B. Wilson 

Mss Tiffany R Rosenberger 

Mss Abigail Ann Snead 

Mr. and Mrs. David G Turner 

Rev and Mrs. Alan N. Winkler 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peter Roskamp 

Mr and Mrs. Jim R Sneed 

Tyner Methodist Youth 

Mr Joe D Wise, Sr. 

Ross Remodeling 

Mr and Mrs. Larry Sneed 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Tyser 

Mrs. Barbara F Witham 

Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Ross 

Mr and Mrs. Leon Sneed 

United Technologies Corp. 

Rev and Mrs. Alton M. Witter, Jr. 

Mss Ruth E. Ross 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen N. Snyder 

Mr. Joe T.Upton 

Mr and Mrs. James Mike Wood 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ruble 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Soden 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Utley 

Wooden Farm 

Mrs. Lillian Rudd 

Mr and Mrs. Scott D Sorenson 

Dr and Mrs. Charles Van Eaton 

Woodland Park Baptist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Mcah Ruehling 

Mr and Mrs. Howard E. Spanogle 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Houte 

Mss Sarah M. Woodring 

Voncille H. Rumble 

Rev and Mrs. Lance R Sperring 

Mr. and Mrs. Mchael D Van Huisen 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Woodwyk 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Russell 

Mr and Mrs. John Sprankell 

Mrs. Rosemary N. Van Schepen 

Mr and Mrs. J Larry Wooten 

Rev and Mrs. Douglas K Russell 

Mss Naomi Samara St Jacques 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. VanAndel 

Worldview Matters, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff W Ryan 

Standard Insurance Company 

Mr. and Mrs. David VanAndel 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth H. Worrell 

Saint Andrews Evangelical Church 

Mr and Mrs. E. Robert Stanger 

Vaughn Management 

Mrs. Genevieve E. Wright 

of Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Fred L. Stansberry 

Properties, LLC 

Mr and Mrs. Gordon W Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Salter IE 

Mrs. Eleanor Steele 

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Veloz 

Mr and Mrs. Ken Yager 

Mr. and Mrs. David R Salyer 

Mr and Mrs. Paul K Steiner 

Rev William A. Venable, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Billy Ray Yates, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W Sanders 

Mrs. Lebron Sterchi 

Mr. William A. Venable EI 

Ms. Marcene D Yeargan 

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Sands 

Mr and Mrs. David Q Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Ardell E. Versaw 

Mr and Mrs. William A. Yeary 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Sarigumba 

Mr Jeff Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D Vincent 

Dr. and Mrs. George G Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny H. Saunders, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Stewart 

Mr. Donald Vittner 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Young 

Rev and Mrs. Sherwood Sawyer 

Mr and Mrs. Steven A. Stewart 

Mrs. Gloria M. Vittner 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Young 

Rev and Mrs. Timothy E. Sawyer 

Mr Vernon Stiles 

Volunteer Federal Savings and Loan 

Mr and Mrs. Brock A. Youngren 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Sayles 

Mr and Mrs. John Stone 


Mr and Mrs. Leopold Zaleta 

SBC Foundation 

Rev and Mrs. John R Stone 

Wachovia Foundation Matching 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Zeller 

Mr. and Mrs. John L Schatz 

Mr and Mrs. J. Jeff Strandholm 

Gifts Program 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D Schatz 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Strauss 

Mr. Edwin W Wade 


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schmidt 

Mr and Mrs. Reginald M. Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Huston Wade 

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Zopfi 

Ms. Cynthia Schneider 

Mr Jesse Strike, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Malvin R Wade 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R Schonewetter 

Lt and Mrs. Aaron J. Strode 

Rev and Mrs. Joseph S. Wagner 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D Schroeder 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas H. Strode, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Wagoner 

O Christ above all 

The following is a list of alumni donors, by 

1951 21% 

Rev Alton M. Witter, Jr. 

Mrs. Hilda Winkler 

Class year, and the percentage of living alumni 

Mr. William R. Caraway 

Mrs. Mary Jean Witter 

Mrs. Lois Yates 

who contributed 

Rev Roy J. Clark 

Mrs. Edith R. Zirnmermann 

Mr. Paul W Yates 

Mrs. Shirley Cox 

1955 26% 

1959 17% 

1938 11% 

Mr. Hugo R. Gingrich 

Mrs. Lois Ambler 

Mr. Eugene K Anderson 

Mr. James A. Morring 

Mrs. S. June Hay 

Mr. Paul H. Ardelean 

Miss Ellen L. Barnes 

1939 6% 

Mr. Lauren W Hoyt 

Dr. Richard M. Cornelius 

Mr. Clifford Branson 

Rev Edward M. de Rosset 

Mr. Calvin Jaynes 

Mr. E. Dean Ezell 

Rev Robert Conrad 

1940 25% 

Rev Everett Kier, Sr. 

Miss Anna Ruth Hille 

Mr. James M. Cooper 

Mrs. Joyce I. de Rosset 

Rev Charles C. Kirtley 

Rev Melvin C. Hobson 

Mrs. Roberta L. Dunn 

Mrs. Rebecca P. Hoyt 

Rev Leslie S. Napier 

Mrs. Joanne Hollatz 

Mr. William V Dunn 

Dr. Howard C. Kee 

Dr. John W Reed 

Rev Robert M. Home 

Mrs. Margie Mann 

1941 25% 

Mrs. Ruth S. Taylor 

Mrs. Mary Roselyn Lee 

Dr. LJakeMatthes 

Durward W Maynard 

Mrs. Ruth A. Theobald 

Mrs. Mary L. Lehnhart 

Mr. William R. McKnley, Jr. 

Dr. William W Paul 

Dr. Sterling Theobald 

Mrs. Melba S. Maynard 

Mr. Richard E. Powers 

1942 27% 

Mrs. Arlene L. Tingley 

Rev Robert WC. Miller 

Mrs. Betty J. Reed 

Mrs. Grace L. Bennett 

1952 24% 

Mrs. Georgene Noss 

Mrs. Claire Ann Riley 

Mr. Lowell Hoyt 

Mrs. Ruthmahe Cunningham 

Rev Howard D Park 

Mr. John L. Schatz 

Mr. Lawrence Levengood 

Mr. Wyman S. Firebaugh 

Mrs. Helen D Puryear 

Mr. Howard E. Spanogle 

Mr. Paul E. Perkins 

Mrs. Iona C. Harris 

Mrs. Barbara C. Sewall 

Mr. E. Robert Stanger 

1943 12% 

Rev Allen B. Jewett 

Mrs. Rhoda Sheffer 

Mr. Vernon Stiles 

Mr. Lester C. Hartschuh 

Dr. Ernest W Lee 

Mrs. Naomi J. Walkwitz 

Mrs. Laurel R. Van Houte 

Mrs. Kathryn H. Hoyt 

Rev Albert J. Levengood, Jr. 

Miss Alice C. White 

Mr. Douglas B. White 

Rev Solon W Hoyt 

Mrs. Joyce C. Levengood 

1956 17% 

1960 16% 

1944 22% 

Mr. Ronald M. Meznar 

Mrs. Georgie L. Aschenbach 

Mrs. JoAnne Cochrane 

Dr. Beatrice Batson 

Mrs. Dorothy A. Modert 

Mrs. Joy A. Bostrom 

Mrs. Carol F Conrad 

Mrs. Jean N. Gale 

Mr. David A. Naff 

Dr. F.Mark Davis 

Rev Jerry Day, Sr. 

Rett Samuel T. Hemberger 

Mr. Robert N Page 

Mrs. Shirley A. Fehl 

Mr. Wayne L. Funderburg 

Mr. Edwin W Wade 

Mrs. Erris M. Reed 

Mr. Ralph T Green 

Mr. Adib H. Iiddawi 

1945 10% 

Mrs. Doris V Sargent 

Rev James W Harris 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith 

Mrs. Anna Hemberger 

Mr. Robert E.Williams 

Mrs. Joan H. Harris 

Mrs. Juanita L. Spanogle 

Rev J. Ward Tressler 

Mr. William A. Yeary 

Mrs. Helen J. Johnson 

Mrs. M. Virginia Visser 

1946 38% 

1953 28% 

Mr. James H. Johnson 

Mrs. Carolyn A. Wagner 

Mrs. Martha M. Brickel 

Dr. C. Fred Donehoo 

Mr. Stuart C. Meissner 

Rev Jim A. Wiggins 

Mr. Philip WHirschy 

Mrs. Mary H. Doss 

Mrs. Janet L. Miller 

Mrs. Miriam Wiggins 

Rev Edward D.Miller 

Mrs. Ruth Joy Gulley 

Dr. Joanne S. Rankin 

Rev Alan N.Winkler 

Mrs. Eileen G Miller 

Rev James L. Kirtley 

Miss Pearl M. Rathbun 

1961 9% 

Mrs. Ann E. Morgan 

Dr. John G.Martin 

Mrs. Lois F Richardson 

Mr. David C. Egner 

Mrs. Rosemary N. Van Schepen 

Mrs. Rose Marie Martin 

Mr. Charles E. Russell 

Rev Malcolm W Hemdon 

1947 31% 

Mrs. Barbara E. Mcintosh 

Mr. Lawrence D Schatz 

Mrs. Theresa R. McKinley 

Miss Hazel N. Geiger 

Mrs. Janice L. Miesel 

Dr. Herbert A. Sierk 

Mrs. Iina B. Morris 

Miss Miriam E. Levengood 

Miss Mildred Mosby 

Mrs. Charlene W Smith 

Mr. Donald C. Ray 

Rev Kenneth R. Marken 

Mrs. Mary G Naff 

Mrs. Anita L. Wolgemuth 

Mrs. Lois White 

Mrs. Ruth E. Simmons 

Mrs. Carrie Frances H. Price 

1957 22% 

Mrs. Eleanor Raye Williams 

1948 21% 

Mrs. Charlotte H. Rock 

Mrs. Helen Archer 

Mr. Wesley H. Young 

Mrs. Ruth Ella Johnson 

Rev Ryland F.Rock, Jr. 

Mrs. Ardis B. Armstrong 

1962 13% 

Ms. Adele Ray Lewis 

Mrs. Gloria M. Studebaker 

Mr. James R. Barth 

Mr. Donald R. Culp 


Rev Donald L. Walker 

Mrs. Judy K Barth 

Mrs. Jane B. Fox 

Rev C. Dean Risser 

1954 30% 

Mrs. Marilyn G Bartus 

Miss Reva M. Jenkins 

Mrs. Ella Lee Risser 

Mr. David L. Franklin 

Miss Hazel Y Burruss 

Mrs. Gail M. Lester 

Mrs. Gloria M. Vittner 

Mrs. Lois Gingrich 

Mrs. Donna J. Cornelius 

Mrs. Christine E. Llewellyn 

Miss Lois Weyhe 

Mrs. Reita J. Hall 

Dr. Larry D Fehl 

Dr. Russell Llewellyn 

1949 25% 

Mrs. Ruth H. Harries 

Mr. Marshall H. Gaard 

Mr. Lowell Martin 

Mrs. Wanda R. Buck 

Mr. George H. Harris 

Dr. Kenneth G Hanna 

Mrs. Grace A. Melton 

Miss Wanda L. Burcham 

Mr. Robert W Hawk 

Mrs. Shirley Jean Hobson 

Mrs. Wanda Sue Phillips 

Mrs. Nola G Caraway 

Mrs. Betty Joy Home 

Dr. Alan F Johnson 

Dr. Kenneth R. Roden 

Mrs. Norma Crawford 

Mr. Shelby R. Johnson 

Mr. Raymond W Karr 

Mr. Leopold Zaleta 

Miss Nell Pearson 

Mrs. Edythe L. Kirtley 

Mrs. Velma L. Meissner 

1963 14% 

Miss Jean M. Pulkin 

Mrs. Lois R. Lee 

Miss Catherine Painter 

Mrs. Lois T Baker 

Mrs. Elsie Sidback 

Mr. Robert E. Lehnhart 

Mrs. Martha A. Park 

Mr. Thomas W Beal 

Dr. A. Clyde Simmons 

Mr. Paul A. Marsteller 

Mrs. Sharon Powell 

Mrs. Mona Cravens 

Mrs. Carol J. Yeary 

Miss Audrey F Mayer 

Dr. Richard L. Ruble 

Mrs. Shirley A. Egner 

1950 17% 

Rev Ralph E. Maynard 

Miss Bertha E. Vogt 

Mr. Allen Frook 

Mrs. Betty L. Bebout 

Rev John W Miesel 

Mr. Melvin D Wick 

Mrs. Peggy J. Loftin 

Mr. Hugh I. Coombs 

Mr. Roscoe M. Mulvey, Jr. 

1958 14% 

Mrs. Rebekah L. Marcy 

Dr. Ian M. Hay 

Mr. Darwin G Neddo 

Mr. David Canady 

Mrs. Joanne W Morscheck 

Mrs. Jane C. Kier 

Mrs. June A. Neddo 

Mr. Iioyd Dow 

Ms. Mary Anne Purser 

Rev David M. Larson 

Rev John A. Rathbun 

Mrs. JoAnn H. Fisher 

Dr. Donald L. Reed 

Mrs. Gladys L. Meznar 

Mrs. Joyce E. Rathbun 

Mr. Thomas A. Fisher 

Mrs. Rachael P. Reed 

Mr. E. Lamar Modert 

Mrs. Virginia S. Schatz 

Mr. Maxie F Green 

Mrs. Rachel N Scogin 

Mrs. Delia H. Napier 

Mrs. R. Suzanne Smith 

Miss Bonnie J. Pratt 

Mr. Kenneth J. Utley 

Mr. R. Wayne Snider 

Dr. Thomas V Taylor 

Mrs. E. Maureen Read 

Mrs. Lynette R. Utley 

Mr. Donald Vittner 

Mrs. Joyann Walker 

Dr. George B. Vogel 

Mrs. Marjohe Walrod 

Mrs. Lavana Williams 

Miss Evelyn Whitlow 

Mr. David S. Watson 

Bryan Life 9 

1964 21% 

Mr. Robert E. Campbell 

Mrs. Charlotte Barnes 

Mr. David G Turner 

Mr. Samuel M. Anderson 

Dr. Rosalie A. de Rosset 

Dr. Blair Bentley 

1978 7% 

Dr. William Donald Black 

Mr. Walter E. Durham 

Dr. Louise Bentley 

Mr. Gerald L. Cline 

Mrs. Dianne Boldt 

Rev Highland G Goodman III 

Mr. Ancil Coulter 

Mrs. Betty K Greenawald 

Miss Rachel Bollman 

Mrs. Patty S. Goodman 

Mrs. Barbara R. Davidson 

Miss Iinda J. Helm 

Mr. Terrence R. Chesebro 

Mrs. Bonita Harthan 

Rev Ronald M. Davidson 

Mrs. Coleen R. McKeehan 

Re^ Janet L. Claycomb 

Mrs. Faith I. Heitzer 

Mrs. Iizabeth L. Gordon 

Mr. George Bhtton Mishow 

Mr. G. Eugene Cowden, Sr. 

Mrs. Ann D Keefer 

Miss Kay E. Newhouse 

Mrs. Anne K Morris 

Mr. Leslie R. Cox 

Rev Daniel V McMillan 

Rev Bruce L. Pauley 

Mrs. Dorothy J. Penney 


Mrs. Karen D Shafer 

Mr. Lawrence H. Puckett 

Mrs. Donna M. Schonewetter 

Mrs. Phyllis Dixon 

Mrs. Phyllis H. Stone 

Mrs. Barbara P. Remington 

Mr. David L. Spoede 

Mr. Wayne Dixon 

Mrs. Mary Ann Weaver 

Mr. Roy A. Remington 

Mrs. Mary E. Stewart 

Mrs. Leslie S. Fortier 

1970 14% 

Mr. Michael D Van Huisen 

Mrs. Marcia D Strauss 

Miss J. Louise Lason 

Mrs. Marilyn Bell 

1974 12% 

Miss Deborah Thrasher 

Mr. Rodger W Naugle 

Rev Randall N.Bell 

Mr. Vern Archer 

Mr. Daniel C. VanAndel 

Mrs. Joyce M. Roden 

Mrs. Naomi I. Corcoran 

Mr. Terry L. Balko 

Mr. David VanAndel 

Mr. Errol Scogin 

Mrs. Janice M. Donathen 

Mr. Dow S. Barton 

Mrs. Peggy VanAndel 

Mr. Stephen N. Snyder 

Dr. Robert WFolden 

Mrs. Delana C. Bice 

Mr. Michael O. Wood 

Mrs. Carol L. Swanson 

Mr. Leroy Frank 

Mrs. Sherry H. Camp 

1979 6% 

Mrs. Kaon J. Traylor 

Mr. Stephen C. Harthan 

Mr. J. Wayne Cropp 

Mr. Jonathan A. Barber 

1965 14% 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Hays 

Mrs. Susan W Davis 

Mrs. Antoinette Combs 

Mrs. Arlene B. Beal 

Miss Jane Ellen Hodges 

Mrs. Martha J. Hickman 

Mr. Mark W Combs 

Dr. Mayme S. Bedford 

Dr. Philip R. Jepson 

Mrs. Carolyn J. Hobbs 

Mrs. Debora M. Donovan 

Dr. Eugene H. Bengtson 

Mr. Thomas J. Keefer 

Mrs. Darcy J. Kimmel 

Mrs. Deborah T Durant 

Miss Jean A. Blaha 

Mrs. Darlene V Klose 

Mrs. Bonita S. Mears 

Mr. Peter S. Eggert 

Dr. L. Thomas Boldt, Jr. 

Mrs. Amy Lam 

Dr. Lynda M. Moore 

Mr. Robert G Grosser 

Miss Anna Marie Carmean 

Mrs. Nancy A. Longnecker 

Miss Rebecca J. Ramsey 

Mr. Mark S. Mathias 

Mrs. Beth B. Cox 

Mrs. Clarice L. Main 

Mrs. Betty Ruth Seera 

Mrs. Tamara Potter 

Mr. Ryland L. Donald 

Mrs. Charlotte R. McSpadden 

Mr. David WSeera 

Mr. Steven G Prettyman 

Mrs. Carol B. Hitchcock 

Mrs. Judith M. Miller 

Miss Marcia G Shein 

Mrs. Carole T Ragan 

Mrs. Sandra C. Jackson 

Mr. Randall M. Miller 

Mr. James E. Steele 

Rev Timothy E. Sawyer 

Dr. Russell L. Kaufman 

Mr. Mark A. Morgan 

Mrs. Peggy L. Steele 

Mr. Evan A. Smith 

Mrs. Marlene J. Marsh 

Rev Samuel (Jack) C Morris 

Mrs. Alice A. Thomas 

Mrs. Merrily A. Smith 

Mr. Daniel D Sheyda 

Mr. John W Reese 

1975 8% 

Mr. Reginald M. Strickland 

Mrs. Barbara L. Snyder 


Mr. James C. Anderson 

Mrs. Alice R. Wicker 

Mr. William A. Venable in 

Mrs. Mary Lee W Taylor 

Mrs. Janice M. Balko 

1980 8% 

1966 4% 

1971 9% 

Mrs. Kathleen L. Barlow 

Mrs. Laurie K Barnett 

Mr. Philip C. Ashworth 

Mrs. Jeanine Barrett 

Mr. Andrew L. Boeddeker 

Mrs. Ceil C. Bruner 

Mr. Richard Chan 

Mrs. Donna L. Bell 

Dr. Stephen P. Bradshaw 

Dr. Ehc P. Clarke 

Mrs. Margie H. Griffin 

Mr. William M. Crooks 

Mr. Daniel Camp 

Mrs. Cindy M. DaCosta 

Mrs. Marilyn P. Johnson 

Mrs. Kathleen Farney 

Mr. Ronald E. Gordon 

Mr. Rocky DaCosta 

1967 12% 

Mrs. Judy T.Fhtts 

Mrs. Marti Holder 

Mrs. Cathy Dodd 

Mrs. Lillian S. Andrews 

Mrs. Margaret Hallquist 

Mr. Ronald P. Holder 


Dr. Robert D Andrews 

Mrs. Lynne W Harper 

Miss Eunice R. Knouse 

Mrs. Susan F Efant 

Mrs. Katie Ashworth 

Mr. W Terry Hill 

Mrs. Gwynn H. lindler 

Mrs. Ann D Grosser 

Dr. James A. Booth 

Mrs. Maye H. Jepson 

Mrs. Alice M. Mercer 

Mrs. Suzanne L. Jackson 

Mrs. Mary Frances Carlson 

Mrs. Helen S. Leonard 

Mrs. Leslie M. O'Neill 

Mr. Karl A. Laegeler 

Mrs. Ruth T. Green 

Mrs. Phyllis M. Morgan 

Maj. Marshall H. Peterson 

Mr. Mark G Robbins 

Mrs. Diane K Greenstreet 

Dr. Joel E. Pearman 

Mrs. Patricia Puckett 


Mr. Milo A. Macko II 

Miss Deborah Pickett 

Dr. Steven P. Smith 

Mrs. Julie P. Sawyer 

Mrs. Sylvia T. MacNeill 

1972 13% 

Mr. JohnWToliverJr. 

Mr. William P. Sjoblom 

Mrs. Anne C. Maloney 

Rev Albert C. Davidson, Jr. 

1976 6% 

Mrs. Margaret A. Smith 

Mr. Robert D Pettus, Jr. 

Mr. Donald W Eddleton 

Mr. Jonathan L. Bennett 

Mr. John W Tinker 

Mrs. Barbara Posey 

Mrs. Annette W Egeberg 

Dr. Jeffrey R. Bruehl 

Mr. David C. Tromanhauser 

Rev. John R. Stone 

Mr. Edward H. Fhtts 

Mr. Rick L. Farney 

Mr. David N.Zopfi 

1968 11% 

Mrs. Marcia R. Froemke 

Miss Nancy Helmick 

1981 6% 

Mr. Bruce F Bendull 

Dr. Timothy J. Kimrael 

Miss Lucy J. Iieb 

Miss Dorothy C. Bigham 

Miss Laura Cather 

Mr. Phillip Long 

Mr. David W Maynard 

Mr. David Classen 

Rev John D Corcoran 

Mrs. Sandra D Long 

Mr. David M. Mercer 

Mrs. Ethel C. Goatley 

Mrs. Miriam M. Frantz 

Mr. Mark A. Longnecker 

Mrs. Sarah N Peterson 

Dr. Karl E. Keefer, Jr. 

Dr. Kenneth M. Froemke 

Dr. John D Main 

Mrs. Betsy Phillips 

Mrs. Kathy D Luttrell 

Mrs. Sallie J. Garrett 

Dr. Sandra L. Matthes 

Mr. Thomas W Potter 

Mr. J. Christian McCready 

Mrs. Pat R. Gravett 

Mrs. Ann McCain 

Mr. David L. Robinson 

Mrs. Anita B. Meznar 

Mr. Dale F Hays 

Mr.LannyL. O'Hail 

Mrs. Vicky B. Smith 

Mr. J. Bradley Plank 

Mr. Carey A. Jackson 

Mrs. J. Lynne Peterson 

Dr. Stephen J. Strauss 

Rev Dean M. Ropp 

Mr. Michael L. Loftin 

Mr. Paul Peterson 

1977 5% 

Mr. David R. Salyer 

Miss Ruth E. Ross 

Mrs. Iinda J. Roddy 

Mr. Garry L. Barnhart 

Mr. Paul D Stanbrough 

Mr. Henry L. Shafer 

Mrs. Ellen H. Schenck 

Mr. Ryan S. Cleaveland 

Mrs. Mary C. Zopfi 

Mrs. Louise G Sheyda 

Mrs. Barbara M. Sheddan 

Mr. Paul D Combs 

1982 7% 


Mr. Frank R. Sheddan 

Mr. David Durant 

Lt. David C. Bruner 

Mrs. Susan V Ulmer 

Mrs. Eleanor Steele 

Mr. Michael M. Jordan 

Mrs. Kathleen D Classen 

1969 10% 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sullivan 

Dr. Dale E. Iinebaugh 

Mrs. Iinda S. Craig 

Mr. John D Anderson 

1973 9% 

Mr. Patrick J. McBride 

Miss Paula Evans 

Mr. Douglas F Bodlien 

Dr. John C. Anderson 

Mr. John Shalanko 

Mr. Brett L. Landes 

lO Christ above all 

Mr. Glen H. Iiebig 
Mrs. Mary Iiebig 
Mrs. Cheryl L. little 
Mr. Anthony Meulemans 
Mr. Marc J. Meznar 
Mr. Bruce A. Morgan 
Mrs. Jackie S. Perseghetti 
Mr. Joel Riley 
Mr. G. Michael Smith 
Mrs. Janet Y Soden 
Mrs. Valeria White 

1983 5% 
Dr. John B. Bartlett 
Mrs. Ruth Bartlett 
Mrs. Carol L. Cecil 
Mr. Daniel J. Craig 
Mrs. Judith A. Fleet 
Mrs. Alice E. Gray 
Mr. Raymond Kordus 

Dr. James Ronald Nyberg, Jr. 
Dr. Laura M. Payne 
Dr. Charles H. Robinson 
Mr. R. Grant Scott 
Mrs. Kathleen L. Shupp 
Mrs. Martha A. Weygandt 

1984 6% 

Mr. Irving R. Barth 
Mrs. Karin F. Carpenter 
Mrs. Wilma Harrow 
Mrs. Wendy F Kordus 
Mrs. Angela H. Nyberg 
Dr. J. Jeffrey Nyberg 
Mrs. Sandra R. Pierce 
Ms. Paulakay F Ricketts 
Mr. Jeff W Ryan 
Mrs. B. Renee Scott 
Mrs. E. Marine Vincent 
Mr. Daniel W Walker 
Mrs. Sharon Wilson 
Mrs. Karen A. Young 

1985 6% 
Mr. Ehc R. Allen 
Lt. Col. Robert E. 

Bahnowski HI 
Mrs. Lenelle L. Coker 
Mrs. Brette B. Houser 
Mrs. Iisa Mitchell 
Mr. Kenneth Morgan 
Mrs. Rachel R. Morgan 
Mrs. Jill R. Plank 
Dr. Ernie C. Ricketts, Jr. 
Mrs. Kimberly A. Smith 
Mrs. Nancy Spoede 
Dr. Robert W Spoede 
Mr. Steven A. Stewart 
Mrs. Sara K Stuart 
Mss Sarah M. Woodhng 

1986 9% 

Mrs. Diana B. Armstrong 
Mr. Frederick G Bedford 
Mr. John B. Carpenter, Jr. 
Mrs. Violet Cather 
Mr. William B. Cather 
. Matthew I. Eggert 
\ev. C. Lamar Frizzell 

rs. Carol C. Giles 
. Elizabeth G Giuseffi 

•s. Holly KHolton 
Mr. D Scott Hunt 
Mr. Edward J. Jackson 
Dr. Jan C. Lenz 
Mrs. Shawna B. McClain 
Mr. John D.Pierce 
Mss Deborah C. Richardson 

Maj. Douglas B. Sloan 
Ms. Stacy W Smith 

1987 7% 
Mrs. Anita P. Branan 
Mr. Daniel O. Butler 
Mr. W Kenneth Cole 
Miss Celia Dixon 
Mrs. Marsha M. Eggert 
Mrs. Lucia Fary 

Dr. Malcolm I. Fary 
Mrs. Penny S. Frizzell 
Dr. Ruth M. Kantzer 
Miss Laura M. Kaufmann 
Mr. Kye K Lee 
Mr. E. Glenn McClain, Jr. 
Mrs. Sharron L. Padgett 
Mr. Scott D Sorenson 
Mrs. Iisa B. Stewart 

1988 3% 

Mr. David A. Clothier 
Mr. Douglas G Enger 
Mr. Brett A. Roes 
Mrs. Jean A. Strandholm 

1989 7% 
Mrs. Kari B. Barr 
Mr. Timothy L. Bell 
Mrs. Yolanda G Bell 
Dr. Edward WFickley 
Mr. Darin L. Gregg 
Mss Dawn M. Hoffman 
Mr. James A. Mann 

Mrs. Christine B. Meredith 
Mrs. Raydell J. Pagan 
Mr. Scott L. Pinson 
Mr. Vincent R. Pyle 
Mrs. Kimberly A. Rhodes 
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Sloan 

1990 8% 

Mr. Douglas D Barr 
Mr. Timothy L. Combs 
Mrs. Mary U. Hanna 
Ms. Emily W Home 
Mr. Paul F Kuck 
Mrs. Anita E. McMillan 
Mrs. LaDonna R. Olson 
Rev Mark J. Olson 
Mr. Douglas J. Padgett 
Mrs. Rebecca N Roes 
Mr. Wayne R. Simon 

1991 11% 
Mrs. Jane Ardelean 

Mrs. Christina M. Barkman 
Mr. Gregory A. Barkman 
Mrs. Lana Bishop 
Mrs. Fawn Y Blohm 
Mrs. Lynne A. Brown 
Dr. William E. Brown 
Mrs. Susan F Crosby 
Dr. Robert E. Dailey 
Mr. Philip P. Garlow 
Mr. Gerald W Hurley 
Mrs. Jennifer D Petersen 
Dr. W Gary Phillips 
Mrs. Candace R. Ream 
Miss Pamela M. White 
Mr. Daniel L. Wilson 

1992 6% 

Mrs. Mildred Arnold 
Mrs. Marge Butler 
Mr. Roger D Butler 
Ms. Valerie Cannon 
Mr. Jonathan H. Green 
Mrs. Jerri L. Morgan 

Mr. Stephen D Padgett 
Mr. J. Derek Ream 

1993 5% 
Mr. Lee A. Crabtree 
Mrs. Chanin A. Gilman 
Mr. Nathan G Harris 
Mrs. Ruth Harris 

Mr. Paul O.Johnson 
Mrs. Christine F Salter 

1994 4% 

Mr. Paul M. Bonnell 
Mrs. Rebecca B. Bonnell 
Dr. Matthew E. Bryan 
Mrs. Tiffany M. Bryan 
Mr. Chris S. Gilman 
Dr. Martin E. Hartzell 

1995 4% 

Mrs. Julie E. Emmons 

Mr. Karl R. Emmons 

Mrs. Margaret A. Legg 

Dr. David Luther 

Dr. Sigrid Luther 

Mr. Vadim N Pokhlebkin 

Mrs. Sherry A. Weller 

1996 3% 

Mr. Matthew L. Jones 
Mr. Erwin D Latimer 
Mrs. Lane W Latimer 
Mr. Matthew J. McClain 
Mr. Joe W Peppers 

1997 1% 

Mrs. Emily M. Hoppers 
Mr. John B. Stonestreet 

1998 5% 

Mrs. Jody M. Buttram 
Mr. James M. Cooper II 
Mrs. Elizabeth E. DuRoy 
Mr. Jason B. DuRoy 
Mrs. Allison W Haupert 
Mrs. Leah W Ours 
Mrs. Melody L. Ruehling 
Mrs. Brenda Wooten 
Mr. Serge Yurovsky 

1999 2% 

Mr. C. Brandon Ballard 
Mr. Paul T Gordon 
Mr. Timothy T.C. McGhee 
Mrs. Sonya D Owens 

2000 4% 

Mrs. Tamra E. Ballard 
Mss Wendi L. Bauman 
Mrs. Amanda N Dodson 
Mr. Chad J. Owens 
Mss Ashley C. Siskey 
Mrs. Sheri T Sternke 
Mss Stephanie A. Wise 

2001 8% 

Mss Krista M. Breuninger 
Mss Lesley D Cole 
Mr. David C. Dahlke 
Mss L. Mchelle Edwards 
Mss Laura L. Foxworth 
Mr. Kevin E. Ingolfsland 
Mrs. Karen A. Johnson 
Mr. Matthew E. Johnson 
Mss Elizabeth A. Miller 
Mrs. Robin J. Sahgumba 
Mrs. Nan Simpson 
Dr. Robert J. Simpson 
Mr. Travis M. Stevens 
Mr. Glenn C. Stophel 
Mrs. Jackie Stophel 


Mr. Herman WWolter 

2002 5% 
Mr. Daniel A. Duncan 
Mr. Daniel J. Evans 
Mrs. Anna R. Henderson 
Mr. David G Henderson 
Mrs. Sarah E. Ingolfsland 
Mss Sarah A. Martin 
Mr. Nick F Senter 
Mr. Philip L. Smith 
Lt. Aaron J. Strode 
Mss JoAnna B. Thompson 

2003 8% 
Mr. Warren G Cole 
Mss Elaine M. Davis 
Mr. Bryan K Day 
Mss E. Anne Dickerson 
Mss Sarah E. Drake 
Mrs. Rebecca L. Duncan 
Mrs. Rachel H. Evans 
Mrs. Sally Graf 
Ms. Anna W Hanger 
Mss Kimberlie D Hill 
Mss Anita L. Kroeger 
Mrs. Darlene Lestmann 
Dr. Phillip E. Lestmann 
Mss Heather L. Steele 
Mrs. Laura S. Strode 
Mr. Jason M. Thorp 
Mrs. Allison K Youngren 

2004 9% 
Mr. Henry E. Barrios 
Mss S. Elizabeth Beaty 
Mrs. Shanna N Bechtel 
Mr. Jonathan E. Blalock 
Mr. J. Mark Bowers 
Mss Julie Elizabeth Daniels 
Mr. Matthew V Ellis 
Mss Melissa D Grauman 
Mr. Aaron R. Groen 
Mss Kati E. Lestmann 
Mr. Joshua David Long 
Mr. Timothy J. Opelt 
Mss Daven A. Petitte 
Mss Tiffany R. Rosenberger 
Mss Melody A. Shetter 
Mr. Taylor Harris Smith 
Mss Naomi Samara St. Jacques 
Mrs. Sarah E. Stonestreet 

Mr. Benjamin D Williams 
Mr. Brock A. Youngren 

2005 9% 
Mr. Patrick Dana Collins 
Mss Susan Marie Daigle 
Mr. David M. Darden 
Mss Erin Priscilla Daugherty 
Mss Pamela Renee Davis 
Mr. Paul Quinette Downer 
Mss Shelley Rankin Kiser 
Mss Nora Virginia Macha 
Mss Johnna Jeanette Main 
Mss Jessica Anne Righter 
Mss Abigail Ann Snead 
Mss DeAnna Renee Stoltzfus 
Mr. T Mchael Stone 
Mss Catherine Elizabeth Strode 
Mss Rachel Marie Tannahill 

Bryan Life 11 


New residence hall will be~ 
ready for students in Augus 

The first new residence hall since Woodlee-Ewing, 
which was built in the mid-1980s, should be ready 
for occupancy next August. 
A rapid-fire series of decisions, including using a unique con- 
struction technique should make this time-sensitive project 
possible, college officials said. 

Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay said the college 
had one of the largest incoming classes in its history this fall, 
and interest in the school remains high. "We have only a 
dozen beds open on campus, so it is imperative that we pro- 
vide rooms for the students we anticipate next year," he said. 
"Our admissions staff believes the interest prospective stu- 
dents are showing means we easily should equal or exceed 
the size of this year's incoming class next fall, so we must be 
prepared for those planning to come." 

Vice President for Operations Tim Hostetler said the 
120-bed residence hall will feature two wings on each of four 
floors, with 12-20 students per wing. 

As a result of two meetings with students and personnel 
in the Office of Student Life, the building is being designed 
to have community restrooms on each floor, as do Long and 
Huston residence halls, Mr. Hostetler said. Each room will be 

equipped with a sink and mirror and modular furniture. 

To complete the project in such a short time the building 
will be built with a pre-cast concrete and brick shell, with a 
more traditional construction inside. "The building shell will 
be constructed off-site in a manufacturing plant, and brought 
here on trailers," Mr. Hostetler said. "Then it will be assem- 
bled much like an erector set. The time to erect the shell of 
the building, once the footers are in, is estimated to be 10 
days to two weeks. After that, the building is 'in the dry' and 
we can work in any kind of weather, even 24 hours a day if 

The new building will be located between Arnold resi- 
dence hall and Summers Gymnasium, facing Woodlee-Ewing 
residence hall. 

With construction of the building the college will lose 
about 70 parking spaces, so a new parking lot has been built 
behind the gym. The first phase of that project provides 
about 85 spaces, with another 100 to 120 to be added later. 

The contractor for the $4 million project is Dillard 
Construction, Inc., of Dayton, and the architect is The 
Troyer Group of Mishawaka, Ind. 

In a ceremony Nov. 30, the college broke ground for the 

12 Christ above all 

project, and actual construction began 
during the break between semesters. 

Trustee Betty Ruth Seera spoke on 
behalf of the board when Chairman T. 
Ramon Perdue was unable to attend. 
Mrs. Seera said, "It is good to give 
thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to 
the name of our Most High God. . . to 
declare His loving kindness in the 
morning and His faithfulness by night. 

"It is both my privilege and my 
pleasure on behalf of the Board of 
Trustees of Bryan College to welcome 
you here today, and to publicly 
acknowledge God's hand of blessing 
that has brought us to this place. 

"All over the earth God has set His 
people to be light, bringing the light of 
the gospel of Jesus Christ into this dark 
world. Here on this beautiful hill in 
Dayton, Tenn., our president, our facul- 
ty and staff, and the board of trustees 

are very focused and purposeful in our 
vision to educate our students to 
become servants of Christ to make a 

"Only eternity will tell 

how far the light of the 

Gospel has reached 

through what we do 

here, but each of us 

today can be very 

grateful and humbled 

to be part of it." 

-Betty Ruth Seera 

in today's 

speaks to 

not just 
the future 
of Bryan 
College — 


would be too small. Not just the future 
of Rhea County, though the college's 
influence has brought abundant bless- 
ing to this community. But it speaks to 

the future of the kingdom of God in 
the whole world. Only eternity will tell 
how far the light of the Gospel has 
reached through 
what we do here, but 
each of us today can 
be very grateful and 
humbled to be part 
of it. 

"I thank you, 
students, faculty, 
staff, and guests, for 
taking time apart to 
celebrate with us! 
And thank you, Dr. 
Livesay, for the 
strong leadership 
you have brought to 
the college, for your vision for our 
future, and for your commitment to our 
Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom." 

Bryan Life 13 



ISi J \ I 

Soccer coach and players 
honored for success 

Dr. Sandy Zensen, head coach 
of Bryan's men's soccer 
team, was named the 
National Christian College Athletic 
Association (NCCAA) All Mid-East 
Region Coach of the Year this fall. 

Coach Zensen has served as men's 
soccer coach and athletic director for 
the past 16 years. This year's team won 
the NCCAA Mid-East Region champi- 
onship and finished sixth in the 
NCCAA national tournament. He has 
compiled a 191-97-19 record at Bryan, 
and his teams have won three 
TVAC/ACC conference champi- 
onships, made five trips to the NAIA 
Regionals, and won five NCCAA Div I 
Mid-East Region titles. 

The Coach of the Year is selected 
by coaches in the conference. Criteria 
include the team's record as well as the 
coach's relationship with his players, 
other coaches and officials, and sports- 

l^ Christ above all 

Eight players also have received 
post-season honors. Named to the 
NAIA Region XII All-Region teams 
were forward Manoel Silva from Recife, 
Brazil, first team; and goalkeeper 
Jonathan Sutton from Mt. Juliet, Tenn.; 
and defender Beto Villamizar, Bogota, 
Colombia, second team. 

Named to the Appalachian Athletic 
Conference All-Conference teams were 
forward Jorge Vallejo from Bogota, 
Colombia, and forward Manoel Silva 
from Recife, Brazil, first team; defend- 
er/midfielder Tim Franklin from 
Marietta, Ga., and defender/midfielder 
Craig Biddy from Powder Springs, Ga., 
second team; and midfielder Sammy 
Ortiz from Dalton, Ga., and defend- 
er/midfielder Kyle Wagley from Hurst, 
Texas, third team. 

Manoel Silva was named NCCAA 
Division 1 Mid-East Region player of 
the year. 

Named to the NCCAA All Mid- 

East Region Team were Manoel Silva; 
defender Beto Villamizar from Bogota, 
Colombia; forward Jorge Vallejo from 
Bogota, Colombia; and goal keeper 
Jonathan Sutton from Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 


Cross country as an intercollegiate 
sport at Bryan College dates back to 
the early 1950s, not the late 1960s, as 
an article in the Fall Bryan Life implied. 

The 1951 Commoner, Bryan's year- 
book, shows a cross country team was 
in place in the 1950-51 school year. 

We appreciate Dr. Everett Boyce, 
'56, writing to call attention to the earli- 
er edition of the cross country team, 
and apologize for omitting reference to 
the athletes who blazed the trail for 
today's Bryan Lions. 

Bryan to offer MBA program 

Bryan College will offer a Master of Business 
Administration degree beginning in August 2006, 
following an adult studies model, unique to the 
Chattanooga area, college officials have announced. 

Approval of the MBA program by the Commission on 
Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and 
Schools in December culminated more than a year of plan- 
ning toward this goal, President Dr. 
Stephen D Livesay said. 

"This is an exciting step for Bryan 
College, particularly as we celebrate our 
75th anniversary this year," Dr. Livesay 
said. "An MBA program, developed on 
Bryan's biblical worldview foundations, 
should produce graduates who are quali- 
fied not only in the business discipline 
but who understand the importance of 
doing business in an ethical manner. The 
outstanding record of our undergraduate 
students should be an indication that this 
new graduate program has the 
potential to similarly be a significant 
tool in preparing men and women to 
be leaders who will make a difference 
in their field." 

A team under the direction of 
Academic Vice President Dr. Cal 
White and Dr. Robert Andrews, dean 
of graduate and professional studies, 
prepared the proposal for SACS, a 
proposal which included marketing 
surveys that indicate a need for and 
interest in such a program. 

"This is a new area for which there is a need, and for 
which we feel we can bring something unique with our 
Christian worldview emphasis," Dr. White said. "This is the 
only faith-based MBA in the Chattanooga area not tied to a 
denomination. It will be a non-traditional schedule in that 

"This is a new area for 

which there is a need, 

and for which we feel 

we can bring 

something unique 

with our Christian 

worldview emphasis." 

-Dr. Cal White 

classes will meet all day every other Saturday, and on the 
weekends when classes do not meet there will be Internet 

Dr. Andrews explained that other MBA programs in the 
area are offered at night with a traditional schedule of class 
offerings. "Ours is a hybrid course, with the meetings every 
other week and on-line assignments on the other weekends. 
Also, a cohort group of students will 
proceed through classes together 
throughout the three semesters." 

In addition to classes taught by 
Bryan and adjunct professors, Saturday 
sessions will feature lunch meetings with 
area business leaders, giving practical 
insights into current topics. 

The college plans to enroll between 
1 5 and 20 students per group, with the 
first group to begin studies in August 
2006. The second would follow in the 
spring of 2007, with two groups starting 
each year. 

Dr. Livesay said the MBA pro- 
gram is another step toward the col- 
lege's goal of increasing enrollment. 

"Our plan calls for traditional 
enrollment to grow to 1,200 on our 
Dayton campus, and we have made 
significant strides in that direction 
already," Dr. Livesay said. "We also 
have a goal of 600 non-traditional 
students, and the growth of our 
Aspire degree completion program, 
with nearly 200 students makes us believe this, too, is realis- 
tic. But we also realize new programs must be added to reach 
that goal, and the MBA is another step in that direction." 

Dr. Ray Smith has been named director of the MBA 

Bryan Life 15 

Marilyn Laszlow: 

Same story, 
new audience 

Sharing lessons learned as a Bible 
translator and speaker is so excit- 
ing for Marilyn Laszlo, '59, that 
retirement isn't even in the picture. 

Tales of her life among the Sepik 
Iwam people in Papua New Guinea 
may entertain audiences at colleges and 
summer camps, but those stories are 
only vehicles to get across three mes- 
sages central to her ministry in the 
United States: "First, be sure you're in 
the center of God's will. Wherever you 
are is your mission field," she said. 
"Second, follow your dreams. Be true 
to how God has made you. Third, fol- 
low your dreams and you won't go 
wrong. Take steps based on your pas- 
sions; that's part of the way you trust 

During her visit to Bryan in 
September, Marilyn said she has contin- 
ued to speak regularly for Wycliffe 
Bible Translators and the Laszlo 
Mission League because "I love the 
story. I believe in missions work." As 
she speaks around the country, she has 
become convinced that "this generation 
is a very special generation. I've heard 
many people say that. There is no gen- 
eration like these young people in my 

As she told her story, a sense of 
urgency came through. The need for 
missionaries remains because there still 
are people who have not heard the 

Stories of her experiences illustrate 

the point that God will change lives 
when people hear His Word. But, 
there's a reminder, too, that missionary 
work often involves more than just 
translating or teaching the Bible. 

While Marilyn worked as a Bible 
translator, she also taught the Sepik 
Iwam people to read and write, to do 
basic math, and to understand basic 
sanitation and health matters. "They 
wanted to know why; they thought they 
didn't need math," she recalls. "I 
showed them how they were being 
exploited by the crocodile hunters; that 
convinced them!" 

While a student at Bryan, the mar- 
tyrdom of five missionaries in South 
America "put God's stamp on my deci- 
sion" for mission service. She wasn't 
alone. "No event in history can match 
that event which propelled people into 
missions," she said. "That just rocked 
this university." 

It was not until 1965 that she was 
able to join Wycliffe and begin formal 
preparations for translation work, as 
she worked to pay off college loans. 
She said her Bryan experience "pre- 
pared me very well. There was a lot of 
discipline here. It was good for me." 

Although she had planned to go to 
South America, "God had another plan 
- the South Pacific." Her 24 years in 
Papua New Guinea convinced her that 
people are ready to hear the Gospel. 
"There is no question in my mind that 
every person in the world is prepared 
for that Book. Jesus said to go into all 
the world and preach the Gospel. Just 
go! The fields are ripe unto harvest. 
That's why it works; they are ripe." 

That conviction hasn't changed, 
even though her mission field has. 
Today, she is sharing the excitement of 
following God's leading and encourag- 
ing young people to do the same. 

16 Christ above all 

Dear Alumni, 

"The moon is opposing Jupiter. 

Don't get involved, its their problem. " 

- Jim Critfield 

What if we took that stance on 
everything? What if we said to our- 
selves, "I see a problem, but I'm not 
going to get involved because it is their 
problem, not mine." What a selfish 
point of view; people would no longer 
be concerned with the welfare of oth- 

I thought about this because of an 
email I received from an alumna who 
was concerned about Bryan College. 
The alumna asked some great questions 
that expressed concern and frustration 
about the "heart" of Bryan College, 
wishing that the school hadn't changed 
since she attended. 

I could have replied with all the 
right answers, giving this alumna the 
words she wanted to hear. I could have 
given her lengthy answers about why 
Bryan College isn't straying from its 
mission, how we are working hard to 
remain faithful to the godly heritage 
that has set Bryan apart from other 
schools. But I had to ask myself, "Is 
that the best idea? Would that really 
answer her questions?" 

At times, I wonder the same things 
this alumna was wondering. I look 
around and I realize the school has 
changed... and the students are... dif- 
ferent. Bryan College HAS changed 
since you and I were here, but on the 
other hand, it hasn't changed. The faces 

are different and the campus 
looks different. But the stu- 
dents' hearts are the same and 
the college is deeply committed 
to academic excellence stem- 
ming from a biblical worldview. 

So the new question we 
must ask ourselves is, "What 
are we supposed to do if we 
see something we don't like?" I 
implore you not to think as Jim 
Critfield has thought. 

We all really like the school 
still. We have earned our 
degrees here, and Bryan has significant- 
ly changed our lives. We have every 
right to be concerned about our alma 

You still have an opportunity to 
influence Bryan College. You still have 
an opportunity to see that the college 
isn't going off to perdition in a hand 

You can pray for the school or a 
student that you know. You can write 
Dr. Livesay or your professor a letter. 
You can serve on the alumni national 
board, or even the alumni executive 
board to express your thoughts and act 
upon them. Your concern may drive 
you to join the homecoming committee 
or volunteer in another area that inter- 
ests you. 

Your influence on Bryan College 
doesn't have to end once you receive 
your diploma. Our alma mater is too 
important for our concerned alumni 
not to be involved. 

keep in 


Want to contact Warren Cole about 
hosting an alumni gathering in your 
hometown? Email him at, or call the 
Bryan College Advancement office at 

Just made an exciting career move, 
added a member to your family, or 
tied the knot? Let us know by submit- 
ting news to Lion Tracks: 


Lion Tracks 
Bryan College 
P.O. Box 7000 
Dayton, TN 37321 


Bryan Life 17 






ED, '39, and JOYCE (HIRSCHY), 
'40, DE ROSSET have moved to 
Dayton, Tenn., from their home in 
Evans City, Pa., near their daughter, 
KARIN TRAYLOR, '64, and her hus- 
band Jack. They are living in an assisted 

care com- 



operated by 
'80, and 

'81, ZOPFI Ed and Joyce deRosset 
near the 

Bryan campus. This summer Ed and 
Joyce celebrated their 64th wedding 

visiting Baptist missionaries in Moscow 
and Kiev. She was impressed with what 
she saw, but was burdened by the lack 
of Gospel witness in those vast coun- 

1950s %; 


(KING), '57, PARK met with a num- 
ber of Bryan alumni during a trip to 
Papua New Guinea this past fall. 
Enjoying a barbecue chicken supper 
BELL) BARKMAN, both '91, and 
BRUNER, both '88, and their chil- 

1960s i 





has retired as a United Methodist min- 
ister after serving churches in South 
Carolina between 1978 and June 2005. 
He and his wife, MARGARET (GIB- 
SON), '63x, recently moved from 
Bennettsville, S.C., to Marion, S.C. 
During his career James served as an 
elementary school teacher and at the 
Bachman Home for Children in 
Cleveland, Tenn. He continues to 
preach occasionally and serves as a 
mentor to several young pastors. 


has been elected secretary to the board of 
the Dayton, Tenn. Civitan Club. Kahn is 
administrative assistant to the academic vice 
president at Bryan College. 

NELL PEARSON, '49, traveled to 
Russia and Ukraine this past summer, 

Micky and Martha Park with Greg 

and Chrissy Barkman and Andy and 

Kay Bruner and their children 

1970s %\ 

DAVID WRIGHT, '74, received his 

lb Christ above all 

Ph.D. degree in education administra- 
tion from Jackson State University in 
August 2005. His dissertation was titled 
An Analysis of Servant Leader 
Characteristics Among Public School 
Superintendents in Mississippi and 
Alabama. In July, David and his wife, 
Debbie, traveled to Turkey, Serbia, 
Austria, and Germany to visit family 
and friends. 


DONOVAN has been listed in the 
2005-06 edition of Who's Who Among 
American Teachers. Debbie was nominat- 
ed by a former student, and her profile 
includes her graduation from Bryan. 

1980s •> 


'80, and Gary Long were married July 

9, 2005. Bryan alumni attending the 

wedding included SHEILA BARBER, 

'80; RICHARD, '77, and JANET 




'81, LAPLUE; 



'78, PENNEY; 


PAYNE '83- Gary and Juanita Long 

FER; and LISA (LIEBIG), '80, 
PITTS. Current students Jessie LaPlue 
and Bethany Ragland also attended. 
Juanita's first husband, Michael Phillips, 
died in 2004. 


his 26th year of teaching elementary 
vocal music in the Saint Louis, Mo., 
area, where he has been lead elementary 
music teacher for six years. He was 
nominated by a former student for 
inclusion in Who's Who Among America's 
Teachers for the 2004-05 school year. In 
addition, he leads the bass section for 
his church, and also directs the chancel 
bell choir. The choir sang at the 
National Cathedral in Washington, 
D.C., a year ago, and Daniel had a solo 
during that performance. 

RUSTY FAULKS, '80, and his family 
live in Boone, N.C., where Rusty is 
director of human resources for 
Samaritan's Purse, and his wife, Ellen, 
home schools their three children, 
Nathan, 17; Rebecca, 14; and Jonathan, 


and Daniel White were married July 23, 
2005, in Lewisburg, Pa. The White fam- 
ily, which includes Valeria's daughters 
Lauran and Emily Wilkins, lives in 
Cedar Springs, Mich. 

'84, RYLE were in the States on leave 
from their ministry with Mission 
Aviation Fellowship in Haiti this past 
summer. They have adopted a daughter, 
Meghan, and their sons Jeremy and Ben 
are in high school. 

DR. JACK HELLER, '85, presented a 
paper "Parodies of Grace in Timon of 
Athens" at the 17th Elizabethan 
Theatre Conference in Waterloo, 
Ontario, in June. Jack is assistant pro- 

fessor of English at Huntington 
University in Indiana. 


'85, lives in Pembroke Pines, Fla., with 
her husband, Theodore S. Houser III, 
and their two children, Justin and 
Shannon. She works for Motorola in 
Plantation, Fla. 

ED FICKLEY, '89, received his 

I Doctor of 
degree from 
the University 
of Tennessee 
in December 
| 2004. Ed is a 
Ed Fickley, left, and teacher in 
his brother, Jonathan Qevebnd, 
Fickley, '86 




JENNIFER (JONES), '90, and Eric 
DIAZ announce the birth of their sec- 
ond son, Robert Lee, on Oct. 24, 2005, 
during Hurricane Wilma. Bobby was 7 
lbs, 1 02 and 19 1/2 inches long. He 
joins big brother Luke, 2. Jennifer is in 
her third season as head women's bas- 
ketball coach at Broward Community 
College in Davie, Fla. Last season they 
were conference champions for the first 
time in school history. 

TILLY, both '93, have moved to 
Kijabe, Kenya, with their children 
Elizabeth, Abby, and Karissa, to work 
at Rift Valley Academy. They are dorm 
parents for fifth- and sixth-grade girls. 

Bryan Life 19 

David is manager for the student com- 
puter labs and Meredith is manager for 
a curriculum resource center and sub- 
stitute science teacher. They invite their 
friends to contact them at 

CHRISTY KROEKER, '96, and Eric 
van Oosten were married June 25, 
2005, in Porto Velho, Brazil, where 
both work with Wycliffe Bible 
Translators. Cristy is a first-grade 
teacher, and Eric works in the aviation 
and computer departments. 

DAN BEERY, '97x, was a member of 
the men's eight team that won the 
World Rowing Championships in Gifu, 
Japan, in September. Dan also was a 
member of the U.S. Olympic Gold 
Medal Eight from the 2004 Athens 

big sister Emma, 2. The Maggard fami- 
ly lives in Marietta, Ga. 

Jacob Maggard 


BAILEY, both '98, announce the birth 
of their daughter, Emmie Annaliese, on 
Feb. 12, 2005. 
Emmie joins big 
brother Leo, 3. 
The Bailey family 
lives in 
I Statesville, N.C., 
) and Emmie where John is 
Bailey ^ ne arts director 

at Statesville Christian School. Akari is 
a full-time mom. 

Seminary in December 2004. On hand 
to celebrate with him were his sister 
and brother, WENDI, '00, and 
ANDREW, '05x. His major was peo- 
ple group studies. Nathan and his wife, 
Julie, are preparing for overseas service. 

Wendi Bauman, Nathan 
Bauman and Andrew Bauman 

DREW ROBERTSON, '99, recently 
completed a dual Master's degree at the 
University of Colorado with an MBA 
and an M.S. in marketing. Drew and his 
wife, Sarah, live in Knoxville, Tenn. 


and Alan DOCKERY announce the 
birth of their first 
■ • \ + child, Isabelle Rose, 

on Nov. 16,2004. 
Isabelle weighed 7 
lbs., 5 oz. The 
Dockery family lives 
in Knoxville, Tenn., 
where Alan works 
for the post office. Sara Beth taught 
middle and high school music for eight 
years, but now stays home with Isabelle. 

JOHN, '97, and TRISHA (BALKO), 
'98, MAGGARD announce the birth 
of their son, Jacob Daniel, on March 
12, 2005. Jacob weighed 8 lbs., 6 oz., 
and was 21 V2 inches long. Jacob joins 

WELL) JOHNSON, both '98, 
announce the birth of their son, 
Nathan Tyler, on 
April 5, 2005. 
Nathan weighed 7 
lbs., 4 02., and was 
20 inches long. He 
joins big sister 
Natalie Grace, 3. 
The Johnson fami- 
ly lives in Milton, 
Fla., where Brad 

Natalie and 
Nathan Johnson 

practices law and Liz is a stay-at-home 
mom, who teaches piano part-time. 

NATHAN BAUMAN, '98, received 
his Master of Divinity degree from 
New Orleans Baptist Theological 

DON, '99, and TAMMY (DYER), 
'02x, HIXON announce the birth of 
their daughters, Elizabeth and Leta, on 
July 18, 2005. Elizabeth weighed 4 lbs., 
9 02., and Leta weighed 4 lbs., 8.5 02. 
The Hixon family lives in Renfrew, Pa. 
They join big brother Trey, 1. 

ANDY, '99, and ROBIN (OLIVE), 

'98, SARINE announce the birth of 
their son, Wesley Scott, on March 27, 
2004. Wesley 
weighed 7 lbs., 3 
02., and was 20 
V2 inches long. 
The Sarine fami- 
ly lives in Apex, 

Sarine Family 

20 Christ above all 

DAVID, '99x, and ELISA (RUIZ), 
'98, LOFTIN announce the birth of 
their son, Dylan McRae. Dylan weighed 
9 lbs., 7 oz. The Loftin family lives in 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

2000s •; 

Four members of the Class of 2000, 
with two of their friends, celebrated 
their five-year "girls' weekend reunion" 
with a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, in 
January 2005. Pictured, from left, are 
'00; and WENDI BAUMAN, '00. 

DROWN, '01, 

and T.J. Van 
Gilder were 
married July 17, 
2004. The Van 
Gilders live in 
Smyrna, Ga. 

TJ. and Julie 
Van Gilder 

DAN, '02, and RACHEL (HELD) 
EVANS, '03, live in Dayton, Tenn, 
where Dan works with the Bryan IT. 
department and is busy running his own 
video production business. Rachel is a 
nationally published freelance writer and 
designer. They can be reached at: 


announce the birth of their daughter, 
Emma Christine, on 
Sept. 16, 2005. Emma 
weighed 71bs, lloz, 
and was 19 3/4 inches 
long. The St. Jacques 
family lives in 
Kennesaw, Ga. 

St. Jacques 

SANDE (RAY), '03, and Tim FORT 

announce the birth of their son, Tyler 

David, on 

July 11, 2005. 

Tyler weighed! 

7 lbs, 11 oz., 

and was 1 9 

Vi inches 

long. The 

Fort family lives in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Tyler Fort 


teaching geometry and Algebra II at 
Cleveland, Tenn., High School, where 
she also coaches girls soccer, basketball 
and track. 

VICTORIA FLOWERS, '05, is serv- 
ing in Harku, Estonia, with Kevin and 
Wendy Mason, missionaries with United 
World Mission. 

PAMELA DAVIS, '05, is working as an 
English teacher at Pacific Islands Bible 
College this school year. During the first 
semester, she was located at PIBC's 
main campus on Guam. This spring she 
will be at the branch campus in Chuuk, 
in the Federated States of Micronesia. 

GARD, both '06x, were married May 
14, 2005, in Chattanooga, Tenn. They 
live in Franklin, Tenn. 

With the 

LUCIEN BARBOUR, <51x, of Saint 
Peters, Mo., died Sept. 1, 2005. He is 
survived by his wife, Arlene. 


Gainesville, Fla., died September 14, 

JOHN MCCAIN, '55x, of Umatilla, 
Fla., died Oct. 4, 2005. He is survived 
by his wife, Glenna, and three children. 

EMILY HORNE, '90x, of Anderson, 
S.C., died in a murder- suicide attack the 
weekend of Sept. 11, 2005. 

Marble Hensley of Chattanooga, Tenn., 
a Bryan College trustee since 1983, died 
Nov. 7, 2005. He is survived by his wife, 
Ruth, a son and two daughters. 

Dr. Earl Williamson of Phoenix, Ariz., 
who served as comptroller and Bible 
instructor at Bryan College, died Oct. 9, 

James Quinn of Sarver, Pa., who served 
as cross country, track, and basketball 
coach at Bryan College, died Aug. 1 8, 
2005. He is survived by his wife, 
EILEEN (HARTZELL), '58, and 
four children. 

Bryan Life 21 

faculty/staff n()tes 

Dr. Steve Bradshaw, Dr. Clark Rose, 
and Mrs. Liz Moseley attended the 
American Association of Christian 
Counselors World Conference in 
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 28-Oct. 1. 

Dr. Jeff Bruehl, Dr. Ray Legg, Dr. 
Ray Smith, Mr. Earl Reed, Mr. Paul 
Johnson, Mr. Stefon Gray, Mr. Jason 
Wasser, Mr. Adam Crownoble and 

students Matthew Henderson and 
Jarrell Waggoner attended the 
Appalachian College Association 
Summit VIII conference in Abingdon, 
Va., in October. Dr. Legg, Mr. Reed, 
Mr. Johnson and Matthew Henderson 
presented reports. 

Mr. Robert F. Davis led the Cathedral 
Choir and the American Chamber 
Orchestra in the choir's 62nd presenta- 
tion of Handel's Messiah in Hawthorne, 
N.J. in December. The program was a 
benefit for two New Jersey ministries. 

Dr. David Fouts and Dr. Doug 
Kennard presented papers at the 
Evangelical Theological Society meeting 
in November. Dr. Fouts' topic was 
"Theodicy, Theistic Evolution, and the 
Question of God's Care for the 
Animals." Dr. Kennard spoke on 
"Second Temple Jewish Expectations 
of the Messianic King." Dr. Kennard 
also attended the Evangelical 
Philosophical Society meeting, where 
he presented a paper on the topic "A 
Lakatosian Philosophy of Science as 
Theological Method." Also attending 
the meetings were Dr. Paul Boling, 
Dr. Peter Held, and Dr. Kurt Wise. 

Miss Laura Kaufmann attended a 
Tennessee Independent Colleges and 
Universities Association library direc- 
tors meeting in Nashville in September. 

Dr. Doug Kennard participated in an 
interdenominational Jesus Conference 
in Chattanooga, Tenn., in November. 

Miss Michelle Pascucci spent fall 
break in Mexico completing research 
for her dissertation. Most of her time 
was spent in the library of the 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de 

Dr. Drew Randle presented a paper at 
the North American Professors of 
Christian Educaiton national conven- 
tion in Rochester, Minn., in October. 
The paper was titled "A Christian 
Response to Transformative 
Learning/Perspective Transformation." 

Dr. Clark Rose and Mrs. Kari Bollant 

led a team of some 80 faculty, staff, 
and students to Baton Rouge, La., over 
fall break to work in various locations 
impacted by hurricanes. 

Dr. Ray Smith had an article published 
in the September/ October and 
November/December 2005 issues of 
Tri-Cities Regional M.D. News on the 
topic of physician leadership. He mod- 
erated a session of the Appalachian 
College Association Summit on the 
topic of study abroad programs. He 
also conducted a seminar for the 
University of Tennessee at 
Chattanooga's department of physical 

therapy for entering doctoral students 
on the topic of professional behavior 
and ethics. 

Dr. Robert Spoede, professor emeritus 
of history, has published a novel, Double 
Identity: A Texan in Hitler's Reich. Dr. 
Spoede said proceeds from sales of the 
book will benefit Bryan College and the 
Officers' Christian Fellowship, the min- 
istry through which he was saved while 
an Army captain in 1955. 

Mr. John Stonestreet spoke in 
Hendersonville, N.C.; Cedar Rapids, 
Iowa; Cleveland, Tenn.; Norfolk, Va.; 
Shocco Springs, Ala.; Ridgecrest, N.C.; 
Eagle Eyrie, Va.; Harvey Cedars, N.J.; 
and Black Rock Retreat, Pa. 

Dr. Jack Traylor represented Bryan 
College as a delegate at the inaugura- 
tion of Edward de Rosset as president 
of Union College, Barbourville, Ky, in 

Dr. Mel Wilhoit wrote a number of 
articles in the new Encyclopedia of 
American Gospel Music. He sang with the 
Chattanooga Opera Chorus in a pro- 
duction of Orfeo ed Euridicie Sept. 29 
and Oct. 1. 

Dr. Kurt Wise presented a paper on 
"Suggestions for Peaceful Coexistence 
of Creationists and Evolutionists in the 
Classroom" at the Geological Society of 
America conference in October. 

22 Christ above all 

"I can think of many reasons to give 
to Bryan College. We are all in the 
debt of colleges and universities we 
attended. We received more than we 
paid for thanks to past professors, 
alumni, parents, and friends of the 
institutions we attended. And now it is 
our chance to repay this debt, per- 
haps with enough interest to help 
those who follow our paths to higher 
education at Bryan College." 

Rachel Morgan 
Professor Emeritus 
Communication Arts 
(Pictured with husband, Ken) 

Gifts that 


One of the most meaningful ways to support Bryan 
College is by making a deferred or planned gift. 
Generous and thoughtful planning today will have an 
extraordinarily positive impact on the future of Bryan 
College and on tomorrow's students. Some of the 
many types of planned giving are: 

► Bequests through wills and trusts 

► Charitable Gift Annuities 

► Gifts of appreciated stocks or property 

► Life insurance policies 


For more information about how you can support 
Bryan College through careful estate planning, please 
contact Jim Barth at 423-775-7280 or e-mail Web site: 

Christ above all 




Bryan Life 23 

honor and memory q- 


received from 

Rudy H. Walldorf 

Paul and Laurel Van Houte 

Carl Skip Cline 

David and Ceil Bruner 

Christine Hemphill 

John W. and Diana E. Miller 

Charles and Theda Thomas 

Charles and Theda Thomas 

Barbara E. Mcintosh 

Carrie Frances H. Price 

Ruth B. Hookey 

Ruth B. Hookey 

hi iiicinuiy (ji 

Miriam (Bunny) Wiggins 
Evelyn A. Cline 
Malcolm Hester 
Theodore Mercer 
Evon Landsberger 
Joe Coyner 
Dr. Marvin Woodard 
Norma Sweeney 
Norma Sweeney 
Norma Sweeney 
Clyde Simmons 

Erwin Latimer 

William C. Hunt 

Marble Hensley 

Jerry R. and Donna G. Blanton 

Marble Hensley 

Eden L. White 

Marble Hensley 

Derrick and Chiquita Tinsley 

Marble Hensley 

Robert A. and Deborah J. Denson 

Marble Hensley 

R. Frank Meaders 

Marble Hensley 

Gary M. and Cheryl C. Gann 

Marble Hensley 

Gilliam D Bentley 

Marble Hensley 

Martha K. Carr 

Marble Hensley 

George E. Foster 

Marble Hensley 

Steven T and Camilla G Callis 

Marble Hensley 

Joe B. and Teresa T Gaskin 

Marble Hensley 

Susan Strickland 

Marble Hensley 

James M. and Olivia Ann Hudgins 

Marble Hensley 

David W and Constance L. Heiser 

Marble Hensley 

Bentley, Bentley & Bentley 

Marble Hensley 

Reid M. Henson 

Marble Hensley 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Myers 

Marble Hensley 

Paul and Delana Bice 

Marble Hensley 

Edward and Patricia Watt 

Marble Hensley 

Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, PC. 

Marble Hensley 

Hibbett and Susan Neel 

Marble Hensley 

Terry and Caroline Newell 

Marble Hensley 

Ralph and Ruth Green 

Marble Hensley 

Robert and Pauline Vecellio 

Marble Hensley 

Thomas and Linda Wessels 

Marble Hensley 

24 Christ above all 

Winning with Encouragement, Inc. 

Marble Hensley 

Jerry V. Adams 

Marble Hensley 

Thomas and Elizabeth Dowd 

Marble Hensley 

Joyce H. Collins 

Marble Hensley 

Melissa Atkinson 

Marble Hensley 

Volkert & Associates, Inc. 

Marble Hensley 


Marble Hensley 

Kenneth and Shirley Warren 

Marble Hensley 

Steven and Peggy Jo Scott 

Marble Hensley 

James and Nellie Epps 

Marble Hensley 

Dick Hall 

Marble Hensley 

RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC 

Marble Hensley 

Raymond and Donna Florom 

Marble Hensley 

Damon and Jody Riggs 

Marble Hensley 

Arcadis G & M, Inc. 

Marble Hensley 

Karl Bevins 

Marble Hensley 

Gresham, Smith and Partners 

Marble Hensley 

Chuck and Joanne Zeiser 

Marble Hensley 

Street Smarts, Inc. 

Marble Hensley 

American Council of Engineering Cos. of TN 

Marble Hensley 

Macatawa Engineering Corp. 

Esther E. Cammenga 

Former First Lady Alice Mercer dies Jan. 4. 

Alice Mercer, 89, First 
Lady of Bryan College dur- 
ing the 30-year administra- 
tion of her husband, Dr. 
Theodore C. Mercer, died 
Jan. 4, after a brief illness. 
She was born May 25, 
1916, in Omaja, Cuba, 
daughter of missionary par- 
ents, the Rev. Augustus and 
Ora McLean Moore. 

She was professor and chair of the English department at 
Bob Jones College before she and Dr. Mercer moved to 
Dayton in 1956, when he became Bryan's fourth president. 
She was founding president of the Bryan Women's Auxiliary, 
and served as hostess for countless college events. 

Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay recalled Mrs. 
Mercer's comments during the college's dedication of the 
administration building in memory of Dr. Mercer when "she 
gave a wonderful testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ and 
the ministry of 30 years which she and Ted were blessed to 
have together at Bryan." 

He pointed out that during those years "Bryan achieved 
accreditation and made significant strides as a Christian liber- 
al arts college. It has been such as treat for Corinne and me 
to have spent some time getting to know and appreciate 
Alice. Even in her later years, she retained that wonderful gift 
of hospitality and graciousness for which she was known 
during her active years as First Lady of Bryan." 

She is survived by her three sons, Ted Mercer, Jr., '69; Dr. 
John Mercer, '74; and David Mercer, '76, and his wife, Gwen. 

Bryan Life 25 

Join us on the slopes! 

Alumni Ski Trip 2006 

Sugar Mountain, N.C. 

Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006 

$39 lift tickets 

Please visit 
or call 1-80055-Bryan and reserve your tickets today! 

ret an a 


Hosted by the Bryan College Alumni Office and Alumni Association 



Christ above all 



P.O. Box 7000 
Dayton, TN 37321-7000